Saints QB Drew Brees Absent On SI's 50 Highest Paid Players List


Recently Sports Illustrated put out their annual list of the highest payed sports players, their total salary, winnings, endorsements and appearance fees. The complete list can be viewed here.
Three NFL signal-callers landed in the top 10: Peyton Manning ($38,070,000) of the Indianapolis Colts at No. 4, Matt Ryan ($32,700,000) of the Atlanta Falcons at No. 7, and Tom Brady ($30,007,280) of the New England Patriots at No. 8.

There were no Saints players on the list, including Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who signed a 6-year, $60 million dollar deal with the Saints on March 14, 2006 after making his way to the team in free agency by way of the Chargers.

I’m thinking that once there is a new CBA in place, it’s real plausible that Brees will make the cut and the list due to the contract that the Saints are going to offer him as he is entering the final year of his contract. Likely the deal will be of the blockbuster variety.

It’s not surprising that Brees was not on the SI Top 50 list, he is a family man and you don’t see him making a lot of tv adds and things of that nature, unless it’s for a good cause. Or course there were the NyQuil commercials after the teams Super Bowl win.

He promotes his charities and causes Brittany and he believe in, and does a lot for the city of New Orleans, such as the rebuilding of local schools.

In March of 2010, Brees became the national spokesperson for AdvoCare International, a multi-level marketing company producing weight management, nutritional supplements, and personal care products.

In 2007 he joined up with international children’s charity Operation Kids — They rebuild, restore and recreate academic and athletic facilities, parks and playgrounds as well as iplement after-school programs and mentoring programs for the intellectually disabled in and around New Orleans.

In 2010, Drew Brees appeared in a commercial trying to raise awareness about the BP offshore oil spill. Also Joining him in the commercial were Sandra Bullock, Peyton and Eli Manning, Jack Del Rio, Emeril Lagasse, James Carville, Blake Lively, and John Goodman.

Although I’m a bit disappointed that Brees didn’t make the top 50 highest paid players in the sporting world, he doesn’t seem to mind.

During these trying times for the NFL  players right now, he has been footing the bill for the players only practice sessions that were being held at Tulane University through out the summer.

I think Drew Brees is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, some would even say he is one of the most accurate quarterbacks of all time, but he isn’t paid like one. Even though the New Orleans Saints pay him millions of dollars every year, and he’s worth it, he always seems to be a football first kind of guy.

The bottom line is that Drew Brees is a team orientated player, and he realizes that there is the business end of the NFL, he never seems to mix the two.


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