Breaking News: The “Sanch-ini” And NFL Networks “Total Access”


It’s being reported by NFL Total Access that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has helped develop a new sandwich — containing sour dough bread, roasted turkey, cheddar cheese, Wolfgang Puck green pesto and sliced green onion — named the “Sanch-ini” by popular vote.

In fact the sandwhich is so popular it is now set to become a permanent fixture on the menu at the bistro “Huddle West”, located jsut off set from the popular NFL Network show.

There is a bit of controversy however that has arisen from the new dish. Host Rich Eisen also has dish of his own, the “Rich Special”, consisting of cooked broccoli, turkey, wilted spinach, carrots and marinara sauce.

Co-host Jamie Dukes claimed that he too had a dish of his own — a salad known as the “Dukes Salad” — yet no one the kitchen staff seemed to have any knowledge of this specific dish.

Guest analyst Willie McGinnest confirmed that kitchen staff had never heard of this alleged salad after he personally attempted to place an order for the healthy meal, only to be met with blank looks and confused stares.

The real story here is not the tasty new sandwich, but rather the seemingly mis-leading statements made by Mr. Jamie Dukes. One can only now questions his moral fiber and thus the validity of his reports regarding NFL News.

Moving on Sacnchez liked the sandwhich so much he to took a picture and posted it through his twitter account. Also he enjoyed the succulent turkey concoction on his drive home down the “405” after doing the show.

Eisen decided to take matters into his own hands in an attempt to shed light on the tastiest sandwich in existence, as well as the fallout that ensued after Dukes false statement. His decided method of communication was his blog, which can be viewed here.

Disclaimer: This article is all in good fun and meant to emphasize how the lockout has affected even the biggest news networks. When NFL analysts are breaking down who ordered what and why for lunch. it’s a desperate sign of desperate times when it comes to reporting on the league. So here is to hoping the owners, and the players, can get their act together and hammer out a new deal, it’s time to get back to football, a sport we all love and hope to see played. Jamie Dukes is surely an upstanding individual with fine reporting skills, and he has always been an advocate of the New Orleans Saints — again all in good fun.