New Orleans Saints: Jonathan Vilma Tries To Emulate Gregg Williams


Quoted on yahoo sports by Saints Pro Bowl LB Jonathan Vilma on May 19th

"“I don’t have enough curse words in my vocabulary to talk like him.”"

LB Jonathan Vilma, the acting defensive coordinator at player-organized workouts, says he doesn’t yell at his teammates like defensive coordinator Gregg Williams does.

The New Orleans Saints were one of the first teams to schedule player only workouts, quarterback Drew Brees and linebacker Jonathan Vilma led their respective players on to the field at Tulane University, trying to emulate the atmosphere that the Saints coaches provide during practices and drills.

The Saints veteran players show the type of proven leadership that will bring the Lombardi trophy back to the Big Easy, and having these  player lead work outs and simulating game scrimmages will only make them better when the new CBA is put in place and NFL operations resume.

Players need to have these workouts to not only stay in shape, but also build team chemistry and fellowship.

Every rookie should be happy they have a group of veteran players that can teach them plays that they wouldn’totherwise have the chance to learn unless the they were able to attend team sponsored OTA’s and mini camps.

Play books were not issued to rookies by their respective teams before the appeals court over ruled the lower courts to stay the lockout.

The court has ordered more mediation scheduled on June 3rd, and hopefully the appeals court will force both sides to sit down and get  this cleared up.

As a fan I understand all sides of the argument, the owners of each team (business) should be able to charge, pay, just like any other business does.

The players are trying to get the security of a long term contract that will pay them accordingly to provide for them and their families. Let’s face it, their playing careers are very short.

From a fans stand point we pay for everything, from the the ticket prices, parking fees and clothing. In other words we are going to pay for what ever decision is made during this lockout.

If the players win in this court battle in the new CBA, the fans are the only ones that PAY. If the owners win this court battle in the new CBA, the fans are the only ones that PAY. The funny thing is, we are still here hoping and praying that this get settled and football is played in 2011, ironic isn’t it…