A Look At New Orleans Saints Secondary: Tracy Porter

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Super Bowl 44  is where Porter would cement his “Legend Killer” moniker but also, in my opinion, be overlooked for Superbowl MVP.  With the Saints holding a one score lead in the 4th Quarter, Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning was driving his team down the field to try and at least tie the score up and send the game to overtime.

Then, “The Play” happened.  Colts Wide Receiver Wayne attempted to run a stick route against Porter.  Wayne was going into the slot when Porter  stepped in front of the pass and intercepted it just as he had done against Farve.  But there was a twist.  Porter would rocket down the field returning it for a touchdown all the while pointing at the “Who Dat” fans in the endzone.  This in essence killed the Colts momentum and “The Miracle in Miami” occurred.

This is where I think that Porter was overlooked.  Not that Drew Brees didn’t do a great job in the game, but even hardcore Drew Brees fans have to agree that Porter’s interception pretty much wrapped the game up.  But ever humble, Tracy Porter won’t draw attention to himself.  He credited film study and another important element:  his teammates.

When asked about the interception, Porter praised his fellow teammates by saying it wouldn’t have been possible if everyone wasn’t covering and putting pressure on Manning.  Porter  maintains a close relationship with his fellow defensive backs off the field as well, referring to them as a family.  Even Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams gives Porter plenty of kudos and  stated that he’s a “better coach” when Tracy Porter and fellow Cornerback Jabari Greer are on the field.

I was able to meet Porter at an autograph signing just a few months after the Super Bowl.  As mentioned before, he was humble and very approachable.  As he entered several fans shouted, “Pick 6 baby!”  Porter laughed and began to greet everyone.  He was extremely down to earth and had an almost quiet demeanor about him.  His trademark haircuts were a popular topic.

The Saints 2010-2011 season marked a decent one for Tracy Porter.  He recorded 60 tackles and 1 interception which was against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 2.  Porter would again dazzle with his haircuts of “Family Guy” and my personal favorite, a spider web over his entire head.  However, he never returned to “Legend Killer” status.

But be assured, never count Tracy Porter out.  I believe he’ll return to full form and have several “Hoosier moments” for the 2011-2012 season.  The only question is will be what new nickname he’ll get crowned with this season.  Speaking of “crown”, keep those haircuts coming “Legend Killer”.