New Orleans Saints: The Beginnings Of A Die Hard Fan


I was born in Mississippi; however, I was raised in Birmingham and Atlanta for the first five and a half years of my life.

Just before the age of six, my mother and I moved back to Mississippi. My mom married my step dad, Buster, who introduced me to the New Orleans Saints.I can recall watching Saints games every Sunday after church with Buster.

Throughout the years I have learned the history of the Saints and have gone through the growing pains of losing for so many years.

Now that I am 24, I have witnessed a Super Bowl victory, and nothing in my life has been more satisfying, except for maybe graduating from college.

In my 18 years of watching the Saints, I have rarely missed a game. I can recall many statistics, vividly remember key plays in Saints history and possess bundles of Saints memorabilia and clothing.

My Jeep has two Saints stickers on the rear window and I have a Saints tag on the front end. I even have animals named after Saints players.

My male German shepherd is named Rusty Colston, I have a cat named Porter (Tracy) and I had a cat named Pierre (Thomas) that died (Pierre and Porter were brothers).

I also have a Weimer Rainer named LeBron, but that’s a different story.

I live for the New Orleans Saints. I often annoy people when I tend to carry on about the Saints when football is brought up. Once I get started, it’s hard to keep quiet.

Throughout my Tecmo Super Bowl and Madden careers, I’ve always used the Saints.

Everywhere I go and everything I do, people know I’m a Saints fan.

While attending college in Oklahoma, I can recall visiting Mississippi for spring break in 2009, just two months after Super Bowl XLIV.

While stopping for gas just outside of Dallas on my way back to Oklahoma, a Cowboys fan noticed my Saints stickers and such on my car.

We talked for 30 minutes about football. He was probably one of the nicest Cowboy fans I’ve ever met (I hate the Cowboys, by the way). He said he loves the city of New Orleans and he was pulling for the Saints in the big game against the Colts.

I thanked him for supporting the Saints and wished his Cowboys luck, even though I can’t stand the Cowboys.

But, that’s how Saints fans, and the city of New Orleans, are. There are no greater fans than in New Orleans and there is no city that loves their team more than New Orleans loves the Saints.

So, how did you become a Saints fan? While you’re recollecting, I’ll leave all you Saints fans with this special memory: Tracy Porter\’s Interception In Super Bowl 44