New Orleans Saints Select DE Greg Romeus With Pick 226


Pittsburgh defensive end Greg Romeus just became one of the Saints seventh round picks, and at first glance he looks to be another steal and solid value player for the team.

The Saints are among the best teams in the NFL at uncovering talent in the later rounds of the draft, Marques Colston is the best ongoing evidence of this fact.

Romeus looks to be the next Colston for the Saints after his draft stock slipped due to multiple injuries (ACL, Back) that wiped out nearly the entirety of his 2010 season.

Once considered to be a potential first-round draft pick as a true 4-3 defensive end the injuries scared off most teams, although it was still projected he could go somewhere between the third and fifth rounds.

For the Saints to get him in the seventh is a steal, regardless of the injuries, and barring any unforeseen complication with his surgically repaired ACL should develop into a role player for the future.

In four seasons with Panthers Romeus notched 142 tackles, 19 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and one interception.

His best season came in 2009 when he made 43 tackles and 8 sacks, good enough to earn him a Big East Co-Defensive Player of the Year award and unanimous First-Time All-Big East selection

"Strengths: Prototype-sized NFL rush end. Owns good (but not special) closing speed to the ball that helps him provide secondary rush when the offense can’t hit its first option. Effective bull rush, able to get his hands up and arms extended to walk tackles toward the quarterback. Fairly smooth moving into coverage, could potentially move to a 3-4 linebacker with NFL coaching. Rips off blocks with his hands, shows enough flexibility to get under shoulder pads to turn the corner and is able to swim over tackles with violent hands and a jump-step. Able to knock down passes with his long arms and large hands when penetrating into the backfield. Could be a three-down player at the next level because of his leverage against the run on the weak side. Stacks tackles and disengages to contain against cutbacks. Recovers from punches, maintaining his ground and getting back into the action to catch backs coming through the hole. Good flexibility to get under pads to penetrate gaps inside or outside. Flashes pop into man’s jersey to bull rush or punch and roll outside to take away bootlegs and outside runs. Upper-body strength allows him to rip the ball out of running backs or receivers’ grasp while making a tackle.Weaknesses: Good, not great, get-off at the snap as a pass rusher. Tests tackles on the edge more with his height and length than pure speed, but may have trouble doing so against veteran NFL linemen. Fails to give good effort if held up on the line. Runs with his pads high, best when going straight to the quarterback because of average change-of-direction ability; mobile passers will elude him in the backfield. Will bite on misdirection. Needs to improve defeating cut blocks. Does not stack and control ends on the edge consistently, needs to use his hands more efficiently to make plays. Could improve his consistency chasing plays; stands around too often after his teammates make initial contact. –"