Reggie Bush: More Than A Roll Player For The New Orleans Saints


Since being drafted 2nd over all by the Saints in the 2006 draft, Reggie has been a valuable player on the Saints team. Playing in just 60 games he has rushed 524 times for 2,090 yards averaging 4.0 yards a carry with 17 touchdowns, made 296 receptions for 2,142 yards and 12 touchdowns, 1 kickoff return for 32 yards and 92 punt returns for 720 yards and 4 touchdowns.

But Reggie Bush is much more than a running back for the New Orleans Saints, his presence in the local area has been very strong ever since he was drafted.  He immediately donated the proceeds from his jersey sales to local charities.

Through the Reggie Bush foundation  he contributes or helps other foundations raise money for the local New Orleans area for such charitable organizations as Make A Wish Foundation, Play 60 and The World Food Program. Reggie is the regional spokesman for the Make A Wish.

His contributions to the New Orleans area is well documented. Along with Adidas he raised $50K for the Holy Rosary Academy and High School to ensure that the school would stay open to help the local youth groups and their parents.

As Soon as the donation by Bush was published in the newspapers, less than 48 hours later there was an anonymous donation of over $100K.

Bush also donated $86K of his own money to the Legendary Tad Gormley Stadium, to resurface their football field and for other refurbishments. That field is used by many high school football teams and is also home to a few selected Tulane university games also.

Since that wonderful gift, the stadium has been renamed the Reggie Bush Field at Tad Gormley. It has become the highlight for all of the local high school football teams to play on.

He has made many charitable contributions since arriving in New Orleans to help the local area such as teaming with Hummer Inc to donate 12 hummers to local, state and government agencies. Police, Fire, USCG, etc.

We as fans look at the players we have on our team and think mostly about their football contributions and not the off-season activities, Bush has been a great asset for the Saints and continues to be a leader in many areas.

Since arriving in New Orleans in 2006 Bush only has moderate numbers for the salary he is being paid, but he was the first person to make that very statement to the public, and I’m sure he made his wishes to the Saints and his teammates as well.

I for one would like to see him be able to work out a deal to stay in New Orleans for the remainder of his playing days, just like Drew Brees.

Who Dat Believes in them Saints WE DO GEAUX SAINTS!!

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