Post Combine Mock Draft: New Orleans Saints Draft Strategy Altered

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13)  DETROIT LIONS  6-10

Aldon Smith- OLB- Missouri

Last year the Lions struck gold in drafting defensive tackle Ndamukong Suhwho finished the season with 66 tackles and ten total sacks, an unheard of number in quarterback drops when it comes to a rookie defensive tackle. The Lions aren’t without needs however as OLB, ILB andSS are all areas that need to improve next year. At thirteen the best talent available in an area of need is Aldon Smith who is versatile enough to be a 4-3 backer or play in a 3-4 scheme. He can provide immediate production on the outside for a struggling Lions defense.

14)  ST. LOUIS RAMS  7-9

 AJ Green- WR- Georgia

The Rams have their quarterback of the future in Sam Bradford, now it’s time to get him some play makers in the receiving core. He’s an absolute number 1 pick here for the Rams if they draft AJ Green who many thought would not be here at number 14. He will immediately become the number one wide receiver in St. Louis and finally give the team a true play maker not seen since the departure of Torry Holt.


 Mark Ingram- RB- Alabama

Some may argue that the Dolphins should consider taking a quarterback as fans think Chad Henne is not the answer. Henne though has proven he can be productive in the NFL. Running back Ricky Williams chances of returning to the team are slim at best and RB Ronnie Brown may be resigned for a lower price, given the injuries he has sustained the last couple of years. Miami may decide to take the best running back in the draft in Alabama’s Mark Ingram but keep in mind also that the Dolphins like free agent DeAngelo Williams who have expressed a strong desire to sign the one time elite back.


Cameron Jordan- DE- California

The Jaguars have allot of needs, too many to get into depth about. One of those needs though is defensive end after Aaron Kampman, their prized free agent acquisition last season, suffered his second major ACL injury in as many seasons. Cameron Jordan is the best defensive end still available and certainly helps them fix a very broken pass rush.


Nate Solder- OT- Colorado

If I was a betting man I would say that New England will trade down from this spot, which is their usual M.O, but let’s just assume that they stay and make a pick. There are some needs on the defensive line and in the linebacking core but given that Matt Light and Logan Mankins are bothscheduled to become free agents it’s possible that the Patriots will not be able to resign both. Nate Solder is the second best tackle in draft according to most analysts’s and by all accounts should have gone sooner in the draft. He fills a need and is a slight steal at seventeen.


Adrian Clayborn- DE- Iowa

The Chargers run a variable type 3-4 defense and while statistically they were good, offensively and defensively last season, they failed to make the play-offs. Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd could potentially depart in free agency but Rivers has proven he can be productive throwing to anybody, including the kid selling popcorn in the stands. A more glaring need is the defensive line where a whopping seven players are scheduled to become free agents, hence the selection of a defensive end.

19)  NEW YORK GIANTS   10-6

Tyron Smith-OT- USC

Williams Beatty has struggled as the starting left tackle andwhile it is tempting for the Giants to consider signing one of the available ILB or OLB left, Smith fills a much bigger need and will surely play a much more prominent role next season as he should be able to step in and start from day one.