2011 NFL Mock Draft: Who Goes Where And Why

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Ryant Mallett- QB- Arkansas

Every one can see it coming but no wants to actually talk about it, the Seahawks and Matt Hasselbeck are coming to an end. Hasselbeck played probably his best football in recent memory during the play-offs but more often than not is injured and not the same quarterback he once was. Carroll made a bold a move and acquired Charlie Whitehurst from the Chargers last off season and after filling in for Hasselbeck on a few occasions I think Seattle knows what they have in him, a really good backup. Mallett is the last of the first round quarterbacks and being drafted at the bottom of the first round means there is less risk and more reward for Seattle.

Gabe Carimi- OT- Wisconsin

The Ravens still need help in their secondary at all three positions, but the talent level for secondary players is just not here. There are other needs however on the offensive line and Wisconsin’s Gabe Carimi is available.

J.J. Watt- DE- Wisconsin

Playing in the same division as the Saints is not a good thing, especially when you have a weak pass rush. John Abraham had one of his best seasons in recent memory but the Falcons didn’t get much production from the other side of their defensive line. J.J. Watt, one of the better young pass rushers in the draft is here for Atlanta when he should have gone higher.

Justin Houston- OLB/DE- Georgia

New England really needs that big time pass rusher which has been absence in their lineup since they traded Richard Seymour a few seasons ago. Houston is a terrific pass rusher and will be able to step in day one and help the Patriots get those elusive sacks totals higher,

Mike Pouncey- OG/C- Florida

After pundits claimed that the Bears didn’t have the receiver’s or offensive line in place to make the post season, but they proceeded to put together a winning season and secured a NFC North title. However Green Bay came into town once more and were able to best their NFC North rival en route to the Super Bowl. Chicago’s offensive line was a complete disaster at the start of the season but great improvements were made towards the end of the year. That doesn’t mean they don’t still need help and I think Mike Pouncey, who is versatile enough to play center and left tackle, is taken here to rebuild their offensive line.

Jimmy Smith- CB- Colorado

Yes, I realize it says the Pittsburgh Steelers are picking 30th, at least accordign to the mock template, when the reality is they will be picking either 31st or 32nd depending on the outcome of the Super Bowl. For the sake of this mock draft we will be assuming Green Bay wins and thus will be picking 32nd, so the Steelers will be 31st. Forget for a moment that it says 30th as we make this pick the 31st, the Jets will be picking 30th. With the 31st pick the Steelers select corner back Jimmy Smith to help improve their 12th ranked pass defense.

Torrey Smith- WR- Maryland

(Again picking 30th, not 31st)Three Jets receivers are scheduled to become free agents – Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith. It’s likely that they will attempt to sign all three but the question remains if they will be successful in doing so. Torrey Smith is record-breaking receiver and kick returner for a university famous for producing athletic phenoms, Smith will enter the NFL as one of the more intriguing big-play specialists and should the Jets part ways with Brad Smith he will be able to step right in as a return man.

Cameron Heyward- DE- Ohio State

The Packers have a number of different needs including DE, OL and OLB. Cameron Heyward is here at 32 and is versatile enough to line up as a defensive end and rush the passer or take on the responsibilities of a nose tackle. That could make good insurance for current starter B.J. Raji, but regardless of where he is on the defensive line he will apply pressure on the quarterback.