New Orleans Saints "Holding On To Their Own"


The off-season for the New Orleans Saints as far as player personnel are concerned is simple.

The team needs to sign all of  their restricted and unrestricted free agents.

That’s easier said than done though, even if the current group of players know they were really close to winning it all again, even with all of the injuries.

The loss to the Seahawks will hopefully also motivate the players to come back next year.

During the off season the players will need to look at what they have right in front of their faces, for the older players it’s their best chance to win another super bowl.

The younger players will need to remember that their dreams growing up were all about winning super bowls, becoming a hall of fame player and getting rich.

There are several factors in making a sound decision as to where to play next year, money, defensive scheme, family, win super bowl etc.

Even though some key Saints players can draw more attention and get more money on the open market.

Lots of things should be looked at before a final decision is made.

But money should not be the only deciding factor behind where they play the 2011/2012 season.

GM Mickey Loomis will have to convince them that New Orleans Saints are ready to make another run at the super bowl NOW.

Loomi will need to sit down with the players, his agents and present a fair contract that’s good for the player, his family and the Saints organization.

Coach Sean Payton during his final locker room speech didn’t need to sell the team that they would still be in the playoffs,  had it not been for the long list of injuries.

Mainly to the running backs, who for most of the season didn’t even have a healthy back to start every week, which caused the team to be inconsistent.

Something the 2009 Saints team didn’t have to deal with.

The 2011/2012 season will be a success for the New Orleans Saints if three things happen during this off-season.

(1) Get all the key players on offence and defense signed to contracts.

(2) Not have a lock out this upcoming season.

(3) Sign Drew Brees to a long term contract.

There are a few players that will need to be added, like another defensive lineman to help rush the quarterback, a speedy linebacker in cover situations.

Those players can be picked up in the 2011 draft, the Saints have already proven they can draft quality starting players every year.

Who Dat believes in them Saints WE DO GEAUX SAINTS!!

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