Heartbreak Runs Rampant For Fans Of The New Orlean Saints


Last year after the New Orleans Saints won SuperBowl 44 I said to myself that i would probably never get as mad as I usually get after another saints loss again.


I mean, how could I? They just did the one thing I’ve wanted to see before I die and never ever thought I would!


Boy how wrong I was. Saturday proved that. That loss was the single most heartbreaking loss I’ve ever experienced as a Saints fan, and that 67 yard touchdown run by Marshawn Lynch was the single most heartbreaking play in Saints history.


The saints did something that not many defending SuperBowl champs did in their following year, they won 11 games, so at least we have that to comfort us after such a needless loss.

Yet with the NFC so wide open and the Seahawks being the biggest home underdogs in playoff history, and practically no one giving them a shot in this game, makes it still even harder to tolerate.

The saints have a better team than Seattle. Also the Saints should have hosted that playoff game because no way should an 11-5 team have to travel on the road to a 7-9 team.

I don’t care that they won their division . Re-seeding seeds 3-6 at least has to be looked at in the offseason.

Not to mention that the Saints had a chance to win back to back titles, the first since the Patriots in 2004.

Making the Lynch run even harder was the fact that the Saints started to build a comeback late in the 4th quarter and cut the Seahawks lead to 4.

If the saints could’ve stopped that run by Lynch it would’ve gave Drew Brees one more chance at a potential game winning drive. But unfortunately we will never know if it could’ve happened.

Analysts on the NFL network said this was the 3rd biggest upset in playoff history, only behind SuperBowls 3 and 42.

All of this comes with the fact that the Saints have 28 free agents to deal with this offseason and with a possible lockout looming who knows how the 2011 Saints will look even if thre is a next season.

For myself and many Saints fans, we will unfortunately never forget this one.

And it’s for all the wrong reasons. There’s an old saying, Wait till next Year. Too TWO DAT.

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