New Orleans Saints "Team First Philosophy"


Some things seems to have gotten lost after last season for the Saints, the media started screaming time to party with the Lombardy, my favorite was Lombardy Gras and people outside of the deep south keep talking about the Super Bowl hangover, to last weeks comments on twitter from Atlanta’s WR Roddy White.

Well the New Orleans Saints had a special season in 2009 like the 43 other teams before them. The Saints won their first Super Bowl in the teams 44 year history, it was also the first Super Bowl that the Saints had ever played in.

The Saints won the Superbowl with an opportunistic defense and an offense second to no other. But they also did it with very little fan fare outside of NOLA and the surrounding areas.

Weeks before the Super Bowl was even played the media had already given the game to Indy and the MVP trophy to Payton Manning.

There is no team in the National Football League that has better role players than the New Orleans Saints, completely unselfish. The names of the Saints receivers, running backs, defensive backs, special team players are all basically unknown.

That’s ok because this team was put together by GN Micky Loomis and head coach Sean Payton with players that don’t need to have their names plastered all over the sports websites, the Saints play team football in a league that has very few teams like that left.

Most of the Saints players could walk anywhere in the public and not be recognized except in and around NOLA. Notoriety is for selfish players only. Look at the Saints stats from week to week and see how many receivers catch passes from Drew Brees, how many running backs get carries and the same can be said about the Saints defense, look at their stats also.

The New Orleans Saints have players that if they were on other teams they would always be on highlight films and their names would be out there all over the sporting news, because they are as good as any starters in the NFL at their positions, they just don’t scream it out loud, they let their play on the field do their talking for them, win or lose.

This weeks playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks at Quest field will be a tough game for the Saints even though the Seahawks record is only 7-9, they are a very talented team and play very well at home where their record is 5-3.

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck threw for 366 yards and no interceptions against the Saints while receiver Mike Williams had a record day catching 6 passes for 109 yards back in week 10.

The Saints defense was able to corral Seahawk running back Marshawn Lynch to just 36 yards rushing while causing 2 fumbles.

The Seahawks are ranked 23rd on offense, but don’t that won’t fool the Saints 4th ranked defense,the Saints know the Seahawks play a lot better at home than they do on the road all season.

Even though the Saints seem to come into this playoff game with some substantial injuries to some players  there are other role players that are ready to step in and help this team complete their journey of getting to Dallas in February 2011.

The offense needs to be able to run the ball no matter who is behind Brees, the Saints have enough talent to keep the pressure on Seattle and force them to throw the ball all day which is what the Saints defense wants them to do.

In the past two weeks the Saints defense was able to hold two of the leagues leading rushers below their normal rushing totals, Tampa’s LeGarrette Blount was held to 66 yards rushing and Falcons running back Michael Turner was held to 48 yards on 17 carries.

This is the type of game plan the Saints will need going into Quest Field in hopes of knocking off the NFC West Champs, loosing record or not.

Who Dat believes in them Saints WE DO GEAUX SAINTS!!

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