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What Are the Common Symptoms and Signs of Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic disorder affecting approximately seven million women in America and the symptoms endometriosis cause can display in a variety of ways. symptoms of endometriosis Endometriosis occurs as a result of endometrial tissue (tissue lining the wall of the uterus) growing outside of the uterus. These tissue growths can occur in various areas of a woman’s body immediately surrounding the uterus such as the pelvic organs but have been known to appear in areas including: the vagina, fallopian tubes, the colon, ovaries and ligaments and in rare cases the lungs and breasts. Symptoms and signs of endometriosis can include the following:

”Pain and Inflammation – The pain usually occurs in the lower pelvic and intestinal areas as well as during sexual intercourse. The accumulated blood in the endometrial tissue can also become inflamed and cause vaginal pain.

”Fatigue and Sluggishness – The bleeding, pain and cramping can cause women to feel sluggish and exhausted during normal activities and particularly during the menstrual cycle.

”Extended and Heavy Menstrual Cycles – Periods may last longer and unusually heavy bleeding can occur as a symptom endometriosis may cause.

”Infertility – Women are often rendered infertile or experience miscarriages and difficulty becoming pregnant due to the abnormal cell growth in the ovaries.

”Abnormal Bleeding – The bleeding can occur in the vagina or rectum and resemble spotting from PMS. endometriosis symptoms and signs

Though there has been no clear-cut evidence of a single cause of endometriosis, environmental toxins, liver disorders, auto immune disorders and heredity have been identified through research as potential causes.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Although endometriosis is a common occurrence, all endometriosis symptoms closely resemble PMS and routine menstrual cramping and bleeding. Many women do not seek medical attention because some symptoms endometriosis cause is attributed to routine feminine issues. However, once a diagnosis has been reached, usually by having a gynecologist perform a laparoscopy, there are a variety ways to reduce pain and discomfort associated with all endometriosis symptoms.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms and signs of endometriosis, several treatment options can be utilized to reduce symptoms and eradicate all endometriosis symptoms including:

”Exercise and Diet – Routine exercise and reducing consumption of foods high in estrogen (such as dairy and animal products) have been found to greatly pain, inflammation and bleeding caused in mild cases.

”Hormone Therapy – For more severe cases, birth control hormones in the form of pills, patches or vaginal rings have been used to reduce inflammation associated with symptoms endometriosis cause. Stronger hormones such as progestin may be required for more severe cases but not all endometriosis symptoms require hormones for treatment.

”Surgery – Where infertility is the result of endometriosis, laparoscopic surgery to remove endometrial tissue can reduce symptoms or restore fertility in women. For cases of severe endometriosis that is resistant to hormones, a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) is also an option.

All women with endometriosis do not display symptoms and signs of endometriosis above and beyond those associated with PMS or their normal menstrual cycle. Although most cases are diagnosed in women aged 25 – 35, girls as young as 11 have been diagnosed. Research has suggested that delayed pregnancies can be a risk factor associated with endometriosis and that it can occur more often in women with below average body mass index. Physicians advise women experiencing abnormal pain, bleeding or inflammation to request examinations specifically for endometriosis from their gynecologist or to contact a local gynecologist for an appointment as soon as symptoms occur.

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Description: Commonly mistaken for PMS or menstrual cycle, endometriosis affects approximately seven million women in the US and can lead to infertility. Symptoms and signs of endometriosis range . . .