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If Randy Moss Had Gone To The New Orleans Saints…


It’s a very interesting thought to think of Randy Moss as a member of the Saints even though at this point it’s as likely to happen as is Drew Brees getting traded away.

Moss, after only a month with the Minnesota Vikings, was released Tuesday, hit waivers Wednesday and by Thursday morning was the newest member of the Tennessee Titans.

At least for Tennessee it looks to be quite a pick up considering the playing status of top receiver Kenny Britt is in question after he suffered a hamstring injury that reports say could keep him sidelined for six to eight weeks.

Speculation runs rampant as to why Brad Childress decided to cut the future hall of fame receiver but apparently it had to do with Moss’ disdain for their catering habits, inability to beat the Patriots and a bizarre news conference where he professed his love for Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick.

But for all of his character flaws Moss is still undeniably one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game and some would even argue he’s better than the great Jerry Rice.

Moss burst onto the scene his rookie year in 1998 and has since had 10 seasons of 1000+ receiving yards with a whopping 153 career touchdowns. He still holds the single season touchdown reception record of 23, set in 2007 as a member of the New England Patriots.

If the Saints had gotten him and not the Titans how would he have effected the offense?

The deep ball. First and foremost the Saints have struggled to get the ball down field in the absence of a true running game after losing top running backs Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas.

Opposing defenses are now able to play a prevent style defense and simply send defenders out in pass coverage to sit back and wait for Brees to throw the ball.

This style has been effective at times as Brees has already thrown twelve interceptions half way through the season after throwing eleven all of last season.

Moss is and always has been among the best at getting deep, he can blow the top off of zone coverage or beat man coverage with ease. His presence forces double coverage in most circumstances and commits a safety to shadow him over the top.

He would even help the run game, an area the Saints have struggled of late with 89.2 yards a game which ranks them as 29th in the league.

When entering into a run formation defenses could not stack the box with eight defenders as they could not risk letting Moss get behind the coverage as he would most certainly score.

He simply would make every player around him better by being on the field. Receivers Marques Colston, Devery Henderson, Robert Meachem and Lance Moore would reap the benefits of double coverage on Moss.

Imagine a scenario where the Saints lineup in a four receiver set with Moss and Henderson lined up wide and or sent deep while Colston and Meachem work the middle of the field.

How would you stop it?

There are multiple formation sets that would wreak havoc on opposing defenses including, bunch, stack, picks or even better yet a five wide receiver set with Lance Moore out on the field.

As an opposing defensive coordinator what would you do? Most likely put a game plan together that’s designed to stop the pass which would leave you vulnerable to the run, which the Saints would exploit.

Dynamic as the Saints offense is Moss would take them to a whole new level of play and simply put there likely wouldn’t be a defense out there that could slow them down.

Unfortunately we will most likely never know what Moss could have done for the Saints, but what we do know is that Moss sure would have like the food in New Orleans.

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