Who’s Got Your Mojo Stirring?


Well the Gris Gris Man can’t wait for the season to start, my pot’s been boiling and waiting for me to cook up a good spell and I tell you…I just can’t wait to slam some good old fashioned New Orleans Voodoo on our opponents.

In the mean time, I don’t know about you but I am very excited about a couple of players and what they might accomplish for our beloved New Orleans Saints, both this year and over the next few years.  Here are some of my favorite up and comers…

1. Pierre Thomas — Yeah yeah I know, we didn’t give him his money he wanted this year (yet) but if he has his head on right this could be his first 1000 yard season for us if he stays healthy.

His performance last year of 793 yds in 14 games while sharing duties with Bush and Bell was outstanding. With Bell gone he should get the most carries and I am hoping that he will make his case for a big payday on the field.

Thomas is fast, elusive and gutsy. He will cinch a big contract by rushing for over 1000yds and 10 or more TD’s and get his payday the old-fashioned way, by earning it. This should be good for Reggie also because Reggie will not want to be pushed into the background by Pierre again.

2. Jimmy Graham — At 6’6″, 260lbs with 4.5 speed and a 40″ vertical leap this kid could be a monster!

He only has one year of football under his belt, as basketball was his primary sport during his college career. With the tutelage of Jeremy Shockey and the coaching staff, this kid could be the Marques Colston of TE’s for us.

Something tells the GGM that this young man is a natural and will show some outstanding ability this year and by midseason be a great compliment to Shockey and hopefully his future replacement.

Jimmy made it to the end zone in college almost 1/3 of the time he caught the ball! That is outstanding and shows that his yards after the catch and nose for the goal line are awesome. I just smell a super find for our team this year and in the years to come, Payton knows how to take talent combined with dedication and smarts and turn them into stars, Jimmy will be one if I have to use a ton of gris gris powder on him to do it…keep your eye on this guy!

3. Al Woods — At 6’3″ and just over 300lbs this Jennings, LA native is high on Coach Paytons favorite list. He started all 13 games for LSU last year and has shown progress every year.

He’s got the size and the speed to do it all at the DT position. He is a guy who can stuff the run in the backfield and upset QB’s around t he league. The GGM thinks Woods is another one to keep your eye on over the next few years.

4. Patrick Robinson — Coach Payton said, “We liked his size. We liked his speed. He has good ball skills. He’s been very productive and it’s a position that’s hard to find in the draft.

We have some pretty darn good talent at that position now so that gives this young man time to learn and develop as some of the older guys like Sharper wind their careers down.

Add in the guidance of Coach Williams and this guy is also someone to keep your eye on over the next few years.

Well this is just a few of the players I am excited about, now I don’t want to insinuate that there aren’t many more of the better known guys from Brees to Colston to Arrington, Young, Shockey and Sharper don’t have me pumped upped that they are Saints, just some guys I think will join their ranks as great finds and additions to the World Champion New Orleans Saints!

Who are some of your favorites?

As always, Peace, Love and Bobby Sherman,
Gris Gris Man, World Champion Voodoo Surgeon General