New Orleans Saints: RB Reggie Bush Could Lose Heisman After NCAA Ruling – Seriously?


Saints running back Reggie Bush has more to worry about here lately than his up and down love life after the NCAA ruled that he did indeed receive gifts while attending USC that included a house, car and several other benefits to name a few.

That of course is a huge problem not just for Bush but for USC as well for allowing such “benefits” to be given to a star player at the collegiate level.

The university is getting hit with some rather strict sanctions that include their 2005 Orange Bowl Championship being revoked, which Bush helped them win, and they will be stripped of the 12 victories they obtained during that 2005 season.

Also the school will be on probation for the next four years as well as being banned from all bowl games the next two years regardless of their overall record, rumor has it as well that Bush may be in jeopardy of losing his 2005 Heisman Trophy.

Former USC head coach Peter Carroll seemingly has gotten off scott free in the matter after jumping ship for the Seattle Seahawks head coaching job this off-season, a move which now makes perfect sense seeming how fast he agreed to take over the struggling Seattle franchise after the NCAA rules violations came to light.

But what of Bush and his 2005 Heisman Trophy award?

Every one now seems to suddenly have an opinion on the matter of what to do with Reggie’s Heisman. Some say take it away it immediately, some say he should just give it back, others mention putting the old asterisk by his name and then there are the ones that say he should keep it.

It’s a unique situation to say the least but its not as if Bush was taking an illegal substance that made him perform better during that 2005 season, it was gifts he received and last time I checked gifts don’t make you run faster. That is unless you buy into the theory that a brand new pair of PF flyer’s err Nike cleats does in fact make you run faster.

The botton line is Bush broke the rules and that’s a fact, there is simply no escaping it. It’s also a fact in 2005 Bush had what was perhaps the greatest single collegiate season for a running back, there is no escaping that.

He accounted for 2,611 total yards, rushed for 1,740 yards, averaged 8.3 yards per carry, scored 16 rushing touchdowns, caught 37 passes for 478 yards with 2 scores, led the nation in all purpose yards per game with 222.3,  was fourth in the nation in rushing with 133.85 yards per game, set a Pac-10 record with 513 yards from scrimmage against Fresno State and turned in on of the most memorable plays with the “Bush Push” after shoving Matt Leinart into the end zone for a game winning score against Notre Dame — Bush push video here.

Bush was subsequently awarded the Heisman for his efforts that season and rightfully so as he was clearly the best player in college football that year. Take the Heisman away — seriously?