New Orleans Saints: Head Coach Sean Payton Ends Sharper’s Twitter War With Vikings Shiancoe


Unless you have been under a rock for the last few weeks you should be more than familiar with the twitter war of words between Saints free safety Darren Sharper and Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe.

The feud developed rapidly after news broke that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre went under the knife to surgically repair his bum ankle, an injury suffered during their loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship game.

Favre’s election to have the procedure indicates that the forty year old future hall of famer most likely will be returning to head Minnesota for the 2010-2011 season.

So Sharper, being the talker he is known to be, tweeted that come September 9th on the NFL’s opening day when the Saints play host to the Vikings that “X marks the spot on Favre’s ankle” indicating his desire to punish Favre at any given opportunity.

Shiancoe took offence to the remark sparking the know heavily publicized feud that came to a head when Shiancoe had shooting practice on an Osama Bin Laden target that he etched Sharpers number of forty-two across to imply that it was actually Sharper that was his intended target.

Sharper went right back to twitter with some not so friendly words for Shiancoe saying the next time they meet he was going to “bust him under the chin strap” regardless of the fine the NFL would most likely levy against him.

The entire twitter feud can be viewed here along with the picture Shiancoe posted of the Osama Bin Sharper target.

Many speculated on just how long the NFL and the players respective teams would allow the argument to escalate, after all they were making threats of throwing dirty tackles even going as far as betting their game checks on their resulting stat lines.

Speculation ends today as Saints head coach Sean Payton had a few choice words for Sharper regarding the ongoing feud at today’s mini-camp, successfully calling a cease fire at least on Sharper’s side of things.

Neither Sharper or Payton has let anyone know exactly what was said but both had some interesting blurbs for the media.

Payton chose his words his wisely.

"“I think it’s fairly silly that we’re sitting in the month of June talking about two players … it would be different if they were texting each other.’’“I don’t have a Facebook and I don’t have a Twitter or anything like that,’’ Payton said. “But when you decide to do something like that, you are having a mini press conference. We make sure the players understand that.’’I don’t anticipate it being any more of an issue.’’"

Sharpers responses when quizzed by the media regarding if and what Payton said to him and his thoughts on Shiancoe.

"“I’m done with that,”Let it ride.”, as he went on to say, “He had a couple of words for me,”That might be part of why I’m not responding.” The first game will be the time to talk about it and let the actions speak,” Sharper said."

So at least for now it looks like the battle has been put on Sharper’s back burner forcefully, lets hope Shiancoe gets the message.

Just a thought — do you have your ticket to the Saints/Vikings game September 9th? I would hope so.