New Orleans Saints: Who Is Better For The Backup QB Spot Chase Daniel Or Sean Canfield?


There is an excellent chance the Saints will not re-sign former backup quarterback Mark Brunell leaving a semi-huge hole to fill behind Pro Bowler Drew Brees.

Brunell was once a spry starting quarterback in the NFL piloting several teams including the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he made three Pro Bowls, and Washington Redskins before joining the Saints prior to the 2008 season.

He will turn forty this September and I know given his age you can argue he could potentially still play at a high level, just look at Brett Favre.

Well Favre he’s not and to prove that you need look no further than the last game of the 2009 season when filling in for Brees he went 15 of 29 passing for 102 yards, one interception with a 45.5 quarterback rating against the Panthers.

Those types of stats don’t exactly cultivate confidence in the coaching staff and fan base.

So the search is on to find a suitable replacement for the now non-spry Brunell who has the potential to one day take over the starting duties from Drew Brees, which surely is a good thirty to forty years away.

New Orleans now currently has two other quarterbacks on the roster after acquiring Chase Daniel off waivers from the Redskins last season and drafting Sean Canfield in the seventh round this year.

Who’s the better quarterback Daniel or Canfield?

What we do know is Chase Daniel went undrafted after an illustrious career at Mizzou because of his smaller size and is compared favorably to Drew Brees because of his accuracy.

Daniel landed with the Redskins after the draft and fared very well in the pre-season completing 14 of 24 passes for 143 yards, three touchdowns to no interceptions.

Canfield was taken in the seventh round of the most recent draft out of Oregon State garnering high praise for his 2009 season connecting on 67.93% of his passes for 3,272 yards and 21 touchdowns.

Obviously accurate the Saints decided to burn a pick on him late in the draft in hopes of developing the young quarterback. He has seen no true NFL action to date.

At this point you have to give the edge to Daniel becuase  of his production in the pre-season with the Redskins as clearly he can handle the speed of the game at the NFL level.

Daniel is also very coveted by the Saints as they aggresively pursued him off waivers last season and re-signed him several times throughout the year before finally securing him a spot on the active roster.

Clearly it will be an open competition for the backup spot in training camp this year and Canfield obviously has some skill and should be able to provide some stiff competition to Daniel.

So who’s the better quarteback Daniel or Canfield? Brees of course.