New Orleans Saints: Haynesworth To Saints Trade A Possibility?


Several reports have surfaced that the Saints have inquired about a possible trade with the Redskins for disgruntled defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, widely considered the best defensive tackle in the NFL.

If you recall it was only year ago that Haynesworth was lured away by Washington from Tennessee with a record breaking 100M deal signed the moment free agency started.

The future was bright and Haynesworth was happy, exit Jim Zorn enter Mike Shanahan.

From the moment Shanahan took over in Washington it was clear he was intent on overhauling the roster and changing the offensive and defensive schemes with Haynesworth being dealt the rawest deal.

Moving from a base 4-3 defense to a 3-4 defense leaves Haynesworth to play the role of run stuffing nose tackle not quarterback sacking defensive tackle and happy he is not about this unwanted change.

A trade has seemed imminent all off-season but apparently Shanahan and the Redskins just haven’t been pleased with the offers they have been receiving for the 100 million dollar man.

Haynesworth would obviously be a very good fit with the Saints and their Gregg Williams run 4-3 scheme and lined up beside former first round pick Sedrick Ellis on the line is enough to make grown Saints fan quiver like fresh jello.

But is he really worth it, really worth the massive contract he will surely demand to strap up for the black and gold?

The answer is subjective and depends on just who you are asking as I’m sure Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams thinks so, Saints fans think so and most likely Sean Payton does too

It’s those pesky execs like general manager Mickey Loomis and owners Tom Benson and Rita Benson LeBlanc that probably don’t thinks so and in fact it is not so far fetched to believe they all just collectively grasped for their wallets and purse.

Pro bowl left tackle Jammal Brown has been used as trade fodder for several potential trades. Ironically enough it was rumored Washington was interested in Brown closely followed by the 49ers.

Both teams took left tackles in yesterday’s first round so it’s unclear just how Brown fits into the equation if a deal is actually trying to form between Washington and New Orleans.

It seems pretty much like a one for one trade, the best left tackle in the NFL for the best defensive tackle in the NFL. Seems pretty simple right?

You can’t place too much weight on trade rumors especially during the draft. Will he remain a Redskin? Most likely no. Will he be traded to the Saints? Most likely no again as it just seems like too much money for the Saints organization to hand over to any one player.

He will go somewhere, just not to the Superdome.

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