Saints Quarter Back Drew Brees Making A Great Case For MVP Award


Saints quarter back Drew Brees has lead his team to it’s most successful season in franchise history, a perfect 13-0 record en-route to their first play-off appearance in two years.

Currently there are three major candidates for the MVP award, Payton Manning of the Colts, Chris Johnson of the Titans and of course Drew Brees.

Manning also heads a 13-0 team and statistically ranks at or near the top in the major categories for a quarter back, but as of late has slowed down just a bit tossing three interceptions against the Broncos last week.

These type of poor performances, coupled with the likely hood the Colts will rest Manning for the remainder of the regular season after securing a first-round bye and home field advantage through the play-offs, may mean no MVP for Manning.

Chris Johnson currently leads the league in total rushing (1,626 yards) and is currently making a push to surpass Eric Dickerson’s long standing rushing yardage record of 2,105 yards set in 1984.

However the Titans started the season at 0-6 and it wasn’t until former starter turned backup QB Vince Young was re-inserted into the lineup that the Titans began to win games.

Johnson did little to aid his team early on and now sitting on a 6-7 record overall are a long shot to make the play-offs altogether, an MVP award most likely will elude him for this simple fact.

Drew Brees meanwhile has been red hot over the last three weeks throwing for 1,086 yards, ten touchdowns with a combined passer rating of 127.7.

Brees has been pivotal to the Saints 13-0 season and has brought the team back from the brink of defeat several times including a two rushing touchdown performance against the Miami Dolphins, a game the Saints came back to win after being down by twenty-one points.

Unlike the Colts the Saints have no intentions of resting their starters and Brees in particular has expressed his desire to play hard for the chance at a 16-0 season and NFL history giving him an immediate leg up in the MVP race.

At this point Brees should be the leading candidate for MVP and currently leads all players in Pro Bowl voting by a wide margin.

On the season he has completed 302 out of 432 passes for 3,832 yards and 32 (1st) touchdows for a league leading 112.3 passer rating — I think he has made his case.

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