New Orleans Saints: Will Running Back Reggie Bush Not Be A Part Of The Saints In 2010?


New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush has the proverbial “one foot out the door” with the Saints franchise, or so pundits of the former Heisman Trophy winner seem to believe.

But is Reggie Bush really done with the Saints after this season?

Recently rumors have circulated around the Internet that this is the case and Jason Cole from Yahoo Sports’ reported a source close to the Saints confirmed they have no intentions on bringing Bush back in 2010.

Can you blame the Saints for not wanting him back?

He has only played a full a season once since entering the NFL (2006), has a career yards per carry average of 3.9, never rushed for more than 600 hundred yards and has been credited with 16 fumbles.

More ofren then not he is dropped in the backfield for a loss and in comparison to the leagues top rusher now, Chris Johnson,  who has rushed for over 1500 hundred yards already, Bush’s career totals amount to 1,827 yards.

That’s a four year total which speaks volumes to Bush’s production as a running back.

Wait a second though, Reggie Bush is a hybrid player not just a rusher. He can return kicks and line up as receiver.

Well as a receiver Bush has amassed 1,834 receiving yards and nine touchdowns through his pro career but has only eclipsed the 500 hundred yard mark only once in a season (742 in 2006).

Sure he has some value receiving and he does catch the ball as good or better than any back in the league but he does not play as a receiver one hundred percent of time and can’t be compared to upper level receivers.

Bush at times has shown an electric ability returning punts and at one point last season lead the league in return yardage and touchdowns in this category until, once again, a knee injury derailed his production.

Through his pro career he has fielded 73 punts for a return average of 7.9 yards a return with four total touchdowns, three of which came from last season in which he had two on a Monday night football game against the Minnesota Vikings.

But taking this season into account Bush is only averaging 3.5 yards a return and has only gone for more than twenty yards once, he has also fumbled twice.

So as a rusher Bush is well below top level backs, as  a receiver is more than adequate but equal to fellow running backs and as a punt returner has had some great returns but seemingly is not very productive.

Bottom line is Bush’s produvtivity is not on par with his pay, other players are contributing more than Bush and he is seemingly becoming less and less of a contributior in Sean Payton’s offense.

The time may be right for an amicable split between the two parties.

After all safety Darren Sharper is set to become a free agent after this season and he leads the league in interceptions. Sharper’s presence in the secondary has been piviotal to the Saints success this season and I am sure he is expecting to be “shown the money” to stay in the Big Easy.

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