New Orleans Saints March To 3-0 After Ugly Win Over The Buffalo Bills 27-7, Claim Sole Possesion Of First Place In NFC South


A win is a win they say, but in this case it was just a really freaking ugly win.

New Orleans found a way to knock off the Bills, and it wasn’t on the arm of Drew Brees like so may times before, but on the defense and return of Pierre Thomas.

You have to hand it to the Bills though as they came to play, shutting down what has been a league leading offense that has averaged close to 500 yards a contest and 45.6 points a game.

Against the Bills however they managed only 378 total yards and 27 points to boot.

How did this all happen? Simply put they managed to completely shut down the normally prolific Drew Brees, holding the Pro-Bowl QB to 16 of 29 passing for 172 yards and no touchdowns.

His record setting pace has just come to a violent halt, ugggghhh.

Moving on from the sorrow of the Saints passing game we can look at the things they did well, namely play defense and run the rock with authority.

Ironically the two things the Saints had the most issues with last year became their saving grace against Buffalo.

Defensively New Orleans was able to hold the Bills to 243 total yards (181 passing and 89 rushing) for what I consider a scoreless game.

Scoreless you say? That’s right I say as the Bills only score came on a fake field goal that was converted for the touchdown, the Saints defense wasn’t even on the field.

The Saints found ways to harrass Trent Edwards all game, coming up with four sacks and countless pressures which resulted in Edwards throwing the ball away numerous times.

They were able to come away with two turnovers, a fumble recovery and interception, but were only able to convert those turnovers into three points.

The Bills just didn’t have the answers against our defense and T.O. was a no show catching no passes for no yards and no touchdowns — let’s see what Owens has to say about that.

If there were any questions about Pierre Thomas and his knee, I think he just answered them. P.T. ran for 126 yards on 14 carries, that’s nine yards a carry for you guys that struggle with math, for two touchdowns.

He did all this in the second half of the game and primarily in the fourth quarter, where have you been all my life P.T. because you just officially became my hero.

Thomas’ effort is what sealed the deal for New Orleans as the score was 10-7 before his touchdown runs.

Truth be told the Saints racked up 222 total yards on the ground: Reggie Bush had 64 yards on 13 carries, Lynell Hamilton had 24 yards on five carries and a touchdown and Drew Brees had a whopping eight total yards.

Regardless they found ways to win and it seems entirely justified that the team wins on the back of it’s defense and strength of it’s run game, a far cry from the Saints of old.

They now sit atop the NFC South division after the Falcons loss to the Patriots. New Orleans will head back the Dome next Sunday to host the Jets, who are also 3-0, for another tough game.

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