StarCrap: When Will The Saints See The End Of The Smith/Grant Suspension Carousel?


By now everyone is familiar with StarCaps and the court battle around the pending suspensions of Will Smith, Charles Grant, Pat and Kevin Williams for testing positive for Bumetanide — StarCaps main ingredient.

All the players involved have maintained from the beginning that StarCaps was used for it’s diuretic properties only (weight loss for those of you confused) and that the league allowed the players to take the product with full knowledge it contained a banned substance.

The NFL however feels the players are 100 percent responsible for what they put in their bodies and are in no way responsible, hence the problem.

The suspensions result from a positive test that spans nearly two years back, brought to the  forefront of the media nearly three quarters through last season.

The entire off-season for the Saints has been spent preparing for these suspensions, which they though would start week 1 and run until after the teams bye-week in week six.

Then out of the blue the league did not hand down the suspensions as thought, and Abra Cadabra both Smith and Grant were then eligible to play.

Next varying reports then stated that both players would be suspended week 2 and would not be available to play.

Finally some frigging resolution on the matter.

Physche! Just when we thought this drama was finally over new reports surfaced that the league is considering not suspending Smith and Grant or any other player involved for that matter, and may just drop the whole thing.

Come on! You have to be kidding me, the league has flip-flopped on this more than Favre has on his retirement and at this point everyone involved wants to move the @#$& on.

So why has the league and the Commish rethought the suspensions?

Well the Vikings Pat and Kevin Williams have a pending lawsuit against the NFL and while they do, according to a Minnesota Federal Court, they are eligible to play.

Just In — the carousel continues as ESPN is reporting that the league has “deferred” the suspensions of our boys, and so it goes….YIPPEE!

Suddenly Smith and Grant are now definitively eligible to play as apparently the NFL is showing a little compassion stating it unfair to suspend our boys while the Williams’ twins run a muck in the NFC North.

Personally this Saints fan is “swine flu” sick of the back and forth mumbo jumbo and you can bet one of two things will happen, either the league will drop the issue altogether or the suspensions will hit at a random and certainly inopportune time.

Either way if I was any of the players involved I would just volunteer for the suspension, as least that way you would see it coming.

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