New Orleans Saints – Kickoff Specialist Courtney Roby Headed Back To The Big Easy, Bush Seeks Cure For Fumbleitus


The Saints opened up their 2009 season with a decisive 45-27 win over the Detroit Lions as Brees again displayed why he is the best quarter back in the league, throwing six touchdowns which was a career best.

One more and he would of tied the long standing record of seven set by Sid Luckman on November 14, 1943

I’ll quit gushing now while I am ahead and let the man-crush on Brees subside for the moment.

There were plenty of positives to take away from Sundays game — the offense was at usual form and seemed unstoppable, tight end Jeremy Shockey showed up to play with two touchdowns, Mike Bell appeared to be a true between the tackles runner with 143 yards, Sharper is back to ball-hawk ways picking of two passes and the defense is finally a formidable unit.

On the opposite side of the spectrum there are also plenty of negatives to take away — special teams play was disasterous, Bell fumbled which was recovered for a touchdown and their were plenty of bone headed penalties.

One of the bigger disappointments was the return game.

Robert Meachem was the designated returner against Detroit and although he returned two punts each for forty plus yards he botched several attempts leaving the Saints to start drives from the 19, 19, 16, and 22 yard line.

Heck, he even tackled himself once when he slipped to the ground with no defender in site.

Apparently the Saints are not going to take the wait and see approach with Meachem’s development on special teams, opting to bring back return specialist Courtney Roby instead.

Roby, who was re-signed by the Saints this off season, was released during the last series of league mandated cuts as the team apparently felt comfortable moving forward with Meachem, Bush, and Rod Harper returning punts/kicks.

Oh what a difference a game can make!

No official word has come from the team regarding the signing but several sites are reporting he has re-signed and Roby has also announced the signing on his personal facebook page, simply stating “headed back to tha NOLA”.

Meanwhile Bush’s lackluster, boo enciting  effort has caused him to put a little more time in during practice to help clean up his sloppy two muffed punt performance, one of which led to a recovery on the fifteen followed by the touchdown shortly there after.

He also managed a laughable 14 yards on seven carries for a 2 yard per carry average, although as a “receiver” he managed to catch a few passes for close to 60 yards.

His counterpart Mike Bell ran for a career best 143 yards leaving you to wonder just what the problem is.

Bush did miss most of the pre-season with a calf injury but to his credit refused to blame his performance on the basis of him being rusty.

"“I didn’t feel rusty but it definitely looked like I was rusty,” Bush continued. “I know it wasn’t a matter of rust, just a matter of mental errors and allowing myself to try to do too much.” “Honestly, it’s just a mental error that I made” on the first fumbled punt, Bush said. “I tried to do too much the second time around. It was like a snowballing effect. It’s part of the game. That’s what happens. You’ve just got to find ways to get better,” Bush said of the boos. “You can’t complain about it because if I don’t like it, I’ve got to do something about it.”"

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