New Orleans Saints Running Back Pierre Thomas Tweets That He Is Ready To Play Sunday Versus The Detroit Lions


The Saints 1-A running back Pierre Thomas has been hampered this pre-season by a sprained MCL in his right knee and is questionable to start week 1 against the Lions.

In a more bizarre twist Thomas suffered a laceration to his knee that required stitches, inciting jokes that he was “tackled” by a fence, only increasing the likely-hood he will not play opening day.

It was reported that Thomas was chasing his dog when the injury happened, although he set the record straight on his twitter page of exaclty what did occur.

"“TO ALL MY FANS: I was not chasing my dog or dogs when I cut my knee. My dog was stuck in my neighbors yard and I heard him yelping, Thomas said, I went to help, his leash was all tangled and when I squeezed through the gate I cut my knee on a piece of the fence. It is nothing serious, just a few stitches which will not keep me from playing.”"

That’s a relief considering we all thought he was just really clumsy and liked to jump over fences with sprained knees, we can all relax now.

Thomas also feels he is ready to play and is anxious to get the start this Sunday, at least according to him.

"“I am preparing for the Lions on Sunday and waiting for the thumbs up from the Saints. Who Dat ready to ROCK THE DOME!!”"

The Saints however feel differently, listing Thomas as questionable at best for Sunday’s game. The team is prepared to move forward with the Bush/Bell tandem on game day should they decide to pull the plug on PT’s hopes of returning to the football field.

Sean Payton gave a press confernece today concering Thomas and the opposing threat of Matthew Stafford, hit this link here to check it out.

So who do you trust when it comes to Thomas actually playing, Payton or Thomas?

Well I am not Miss Cleo so I don’t know what to tell you there but I do know it’s a 50/50 shot he is on the field come Sunday — if you have him on your fantasy football team then you have a tough decision to make.

We will keep you posted as information is availble so remember to keep that brower locked into for all you Saints news and information.

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