New Orleans Saints 2009 Training Camp: On- Site Observations – Defense Wins Again


The defense is still the darling of training camp so far, turning in another impressive performance in today’s morning practice.

The secondary really deserves the credit, batting down several passes to go along with snagging a slew of interceptions.

Corneback Jason David continues his solid play, always seeming to be in good positon. He was able to get his hands on a few passes, including forcing an incompletion on a pass to Colston.

Jabari Greer, Usama Young, and rookie Danny Gorrer were all able to pluck some balls out of the air, rounding out the secondaries solid showing.

Runningback Mike Bell continues to impress this offseason making several big plays.

Bell was able to pick up a huge chunk of yards when he lowered his shoulder and plowed through CB Leigh Torrence, springing himslelf for the big gain.

It looks like Bell is the front runner to fill the third runningback spot behind Bush and Thomas.

Not to be out done, Pierre Thomas burst through a whole on the leftside created by Nicks and Stinchcomb, then outran the secondary for what looked to be a 60 plus yard TD run.

Runningback Reggie Bush was on the field but was held out of practice.

The receiving core looked solid, catching nearly everything thrown their way.

Colston stood out making several acrobatic catches and looks to be back to form.

Moore also looked crisp but was held back in practice by the coaches out of respect for his shoulder injury.

Henderson, Meachem, and Arrington all look solid as well.

Meachem seemed to be a little ahead of both, making several tough catches while being blanketed by this now tough secondary.

It appears that punter Gary Pakulak’s time with the Saints may be limited.

Rookie punter Thomas Morstead wowed the crowd with his incredible kicking power.

Every time he lined up to kick an audible crack could be heard, followed by a long hanging punt that seemed to travel at least 50 yards or more.

The fifth round pick the Saints used to draft Morstead may turn out to be one of the teams smartest picks after all.

That’s it for now but we will keep you updated as the training camp progresses, stay tuned for more coverage live from tomorrows mid-day practice.

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