2009 New Orleans Saints Draft Needs


In this years coming draft the New Orleans Saints will be looking to fill a few key positions that kept them from making the playoffs. First, I think you have to look at the Saints defense. They were ranked a pedestrian 23rd in the league and the big passing play was an achilles heel. They let up too many long-play touchdowns and were also ranked 26th in scoring defense and again 23rd in total yards allowed. I believe the secondary and the linebacking squads are what need the most help. I think Mike McKenzie started to show his age a bit last year and was too often beat by younger, faster guys. Tracy Porter is a promising starter but, could use a long-term cornerback mate. Malcolm Jenkins should be looked at if he slips to them at No. 14 but, Vontae Davis or D.J. Moore could also be viable options at this selection. Jenkins would be great for them. If he can elevate his game further they would finally have a legitimate shut-down corner and it would take pressure off of the whole secondary.

Another concern for them is their safety play. Roman Harper and Josh Bullocks are formidable young starters but, they lack consistency. Too many times this season I saw Harper and Bullocks disappear into mediocrity when a star reciever or runningback began to get hot in a game. I doubt they will go after this position in the first round but, here are a few players that could be an option later: William Moore, who could add size and strength or Sean Smith from Utah who could surprise many teams. Another big issue I believe is at the linebacking corps. Jonathan Vilma came in this year and did an outstanding job plugging up the middle. He needs some help though! The two Scotts: Fujita and Shanle were very average. Aaron Curry out of Wake Forest would make an outstanding prospect for the Saints. His consistency and big-play ability at the outside linebacking position would be a great compliment to Vilma. If he is taken they could also look at Brian Cushing or Clint Sintim not to mention the other USC product Clay Matthews. Cushing would make the most sense considering that he is much more of a traditional, do everything linebacker. Sintim and Matthews are much more specialized and aren’t necessarily every-down guys. They could also take the other, other USC linebacking prospect (Damn, that school knows how to churn out NFL talent) Rey Maualuga and move him to the outside. His consistency would be a huge upgrade for the team. With the futures of Charles Grant and Will Smith questionable, the Saints might also start looking for replacements in the latter rounds for their position. Larry English is a sleeper that could prove to be a formidable starter. Him and Mitch King are undersized guys who’s overachiever mentalities could make them good starters one day but, likely will make them later picks.