Superbowl XLIII


Again tomorrow, millions of people will watch the biggest game in the world hoping their favorite team will reach the pinnacle of  professional sports. This year’s game features an extremely intriguing  matchup between a veteran playoff team propelled by powerful defense that won it all only three years ago and a cinderella team filled with offensive playmakers that somehow put it together in the playoffs to make it here. Now, I don’t hate any NFL team but, let’s jut say that I hope the Arizona Cardinals wipe the floor with Steelers tomorrow. I would love to see this Cinderella story be completed with a victory over the NFL’s toughest team and most powerful defense. I hope it’s not even a game. I hope Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin tear up their secondary and shock the world. But, like many other football fans I’ve talked to in the past two weeks I think my heart is with the Cardinals but, my head says to go with the Steelers. I think this game will come down to the play of the Cardinals Offensive line. The players on this unit are very obscure but, I think they will be the most important part of their gameplan. To win, the O-Line must protect Kurt Warner (especially against the blitz) and allow  Edgerrin James and Tim Hightower to get positive yards on first down. If Arizona can get a few of those 3 and 4 yard runs on 1st and 2nd down, it will allow the pass to open up more and keep them in short 3rd down conversion situations. The running game will also be a big determinant of how the game will go. Arizona somehow figured out how to run the ball effectively just before the playoffs. They must run the ball like they have done in the past few games to have a chance. The Steelers must also run the ball in order to win. The Cardinals defense became extremely balanced in the playoffs which really helped out the offense. The one thing that made them win in the playoffs was their ability to control the run. Not stop it but, control it (They didn’t allow Michael Turner, Deangelo Williams, or Brian Westbrook to go over 100 yards or score a single touchdown, they did however let each of them get over 50 yards rushing). If the Arizona D can control Willie Parker and just keep him from breaking off a big run or two, they have a chance because they do have the ability to man up with the Pittsburgh recievers. Willie Parker, however has a knack for making huge plays in the biggest games. You saw the touchdown he had against the Seahawks a few years ago in the Superbowl. Overall, I think the Steelers have a much better chance of winning this game than the Cardinals. The Superbowl is a stage for upsets though. Just consider what happened last year when the underdog Giants took down the juggernaut Patriots. It could happen again this year and I hope it does. That’s why I’m being a rebel and picking the Arizona Cardinals to win the game 24-21. I just like to see the underdog win. Plus, I actually do kind of hate the Steelers.