Shockey Fallout


Here are some quotes on from various people on the Shockey trade:

"“I am excited to join the Saints as they have expressed interest in me,” Shockey said in a statement released by the Saints. “I have had a relationship with Coach Payton and I appreciate what he has done as a head coach. The Saints have a lot of weapons starting with Drew Brees, and I look forward to joining my teammates at training camp. This will be a fun year.”“He’s an impact player and has been a key part of every offense he has played for – both as a blocker and as a receiver,” Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis said of the deal, which is still pending league approval and a completion of Shockey’s physical.“Jeremy is a player that we are excited to have on our roster. He is someone I am familiar with as a player,” Payton said in the statement. “He brings a skill set to the position that I feel will be a tremendous benefit to our offense.”“Jeremy is a very talented football player who always played with great enthusiasm and great effort,” Giants Coach Tom Coughlin said. “He was excited about playing. Jeremy always enjoyed being a physical football player and a tough football player.”"

Plaxico Burress when asked if he talked to Shockey:

"“No, I haven’t had a chance to talk to him. I left him a message and told him I was really happy for him. He didn’t want to be there and when you don’t want to be somewhere you have to find somewhere you’re happy at, from a personal standpoint. Me personally, I want him around. Jeremy’s probably one of the top reasons I came to New York. People talk about how we’re a better team without him, but those are the people that don’t know football. I hear that and it’s like, ‘You people are crazy. You’ve never played a down of football in your life, so what would you even know?’ The guy walks on the field and he demands a double team. Before he even straps it up and goes out to play, he’s already made the team better. Him going to New Orleans, he makes them one of the best offenses in the league. You put him with (Reggie) Bush, with Drew (Brees) and (Marques) Colston … I mean Marques Colston has to be so happy right now he’s probably in his backyard right now doing handsprings and cartwheels. (Shockey) gets them out of double coverage. He just makes that team so much better by going there. For us, we made that run to the Super Bowl without him, so now we’ll see if we’re better without him over a 16-game schedule. People got the playoff run and winning the Super Bowl mixed up with what that guy did for that organization over the past six years he’s been there. That’s the breaking point for me. You win five games without the guy and all of a sudden it’s like the guy doesn’t exist. But he’s one of the main reasons why I became a Giant and why we got to the playoffs last year. I know for a fact we wouldn’t have made it to the playoffs if he hadn’t played at all. I’m more or less upset at the fact we could have traded him a long time ago.”"