Charles Grant Speaks


DE Charles Grant spoke to the media for the first time this weekend regarding his charges for involuntary manslaughter in the state of Georgia. Grant was defiant in claiming his innocence (surprise) and spoke about a few other things that made very little sense.

"“I worked 29 years to get to where I’m at; at 29 years old, that came with a lot of ups and downs. I have a lot of stuff that has been on my shoulders. Like I said before, I’m a warrior. Warriors are born. Some people, you have to turn them into that. I stand for something.“Putting me on TV, that’s all fine. I have to take that bullet right now. But you know, in the end, as long as the truth comes out, like I told you, that’s all that counts to me. The truth.”“I won’t hide. I won’t shutter in a cave, because sometimes that’s what people want you to do, shutter yourself. I’m a grown man,” Grant said. “If I would have done anything down on Church Street that night of the incident Feb. 2, I’d have claimed it. I’m a grown man. I’d have claimed my responsibility in any situation. And that night, I was a guy who got attacked. “Now I’m turned into the guy who did this or did that. But my lawyers are handling it. They’re great lawyers. My prayers go out to the family and the people who have to go through this, and I just can’t wait until it’s over.”“I went to one club (Pokey’s), and I’ve been going to this club for years. I know the owner very well. It’s not like people look at it, as a guy has a certain amount of money and he can’t go out? I’ve been going out my whole life. You tell me I can’t? This is America. That’s why they have freedom of speech, rights. That’s what we stand for as people. That’s what people before me have fought for. This is a situation not only for me; this is a situation for every guy who stands in the NFL who has accomplished goals. You’re going to tell those guys you have to stay shuttered in the house because you achieved such greatness; you’re not able to do this, you’re not able to that? I think that’s wrong."

Some of the things he said were just ridiculous and made very little sense, even bringing up Rosa Parks. Some of his remarks made some sense, however. NFL players should be allowed to go out and have fun like the rest of the us and they do become targets at the parties and the clubs they attend. Chances are they are the most famous person wherever they go out and have the most to lose. That puts targets on their backs for various incidents. But hey Charles, this is manslaughter we’re talking about. A woman was shot and killed that night and if people are claiming he was involved then he should be charged with sufficient enough evidence. We’ll see how the situation plays out but somebody in Charles’ camp should advise him to speak no further before he puts himself in even a worse situation.