This is how Keenan Lewis puts the proverbial nail in the Seahawks' coffin.

Simple Question: Will the Saints beat the Seahawks on Monday Night Football?

Will the Saints beat the Seahawks on Monday Night Football?


Will The Saints Beat The Seahawks on Monday Night fotball?

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With all the whining and smack-talking coming from the Great Northwest, I figured I’d just throw up a simple question about the coming matchup between the conference’s #1 & #2 seeds.


Who ya got? If you feel the need to defend your team’s inability to find any consistency on offense or question your team’s choice to keep a kicker who misses a considerable number of somewhat routine field goals, go ahead and do it below. OR: If you’re too afraid to speak publicly about your team, feel free to run to the comfort of your favorite safe haven of a message board. Seems like this may be the most active Seachickens’ board and this is definitely the most active Saints Board. I can assure you that the Saints forums will allow members to register from opposing teams, but I don’t know how it goes with that Seattle board. I only mention this because of that guy at “FalconsGetALife Forums” who banned all IP addresses that weren’t from the Atlanta area from registering.

My prediction, game stays close (within 3 points at the end of the third quarter). The fourth quarter starts with Seattle possessing the ball from the end of the third around their own 40. Cam Jordan stunts with Akiem Hicks, leaving Galette to pulverize Wilson untouched as he throws and Keenan Lewis picks off the wounded duck that was intended for one of the two receivers they’ve got who are taller than their quarterback — Baldwin, I guess — ) and houses it, putting the Saints up by ten. The Seahawks freak out and Pete Carroll starts muttering to himself about how he should have drafted a taller quarterback because of the trouble Wilson is having surveying the landscape 25+ yards downfield. Right as he is finishing the conversation with what he considers a younger, better looking, smarter and all around not so empty and frantic version of his current self, Wilson hits Golden Tate for what appears to be a sure 50+ yard gain. Yeah, not so fast…,holding, OL-man “we just got back from injury” negates the play because the line still hasn’t managed to gel and Wilson is subsequently sacked on the following two downs. Saints takeover on downs, run Thomas and Ingram down the deflated defense’s throat for a 7:00 drive that ultimately ends with a Garret Hartley 46 yard field goal. The Seahawks, now down by 13 — and seeing with a clarity like none they’ve seen before– muster all they’ve got in their pedestrian offense that is completely dependent on their defense putting them in winning positions and end up screwing the pooch to the point that the fans are filing out of the stadium with the writing on the wall and less than 4:00 to play.



Who Dat chants take over the Stadium, especially with it being so empty at this point and the architecture used to amplify noise picking up already reverberating chants, and make it onto the airwaves as Pete Carroll plasters on a smile in preparation to shake the winning coach’s hand at midfield, and can’t stand it long enough to even hug it out with Brees. Poor old man; dreams shattered like that in prime time on national television after Gruden and Tirico talked about their grit and determination for nearly fours hours (and this after the torturous love affair that every major “legitimate” media poutlet has had with the Seahawks since they beat what has turned out to be a “just-okay” 49ers team in Week 2.


Saints players, coaches and fans should all be quaking in their boots after taking little more than a glance at the games won by the "Vaunted Seattle Seahawks." LOL. Seriously. Look at the teams they've beaten and consider the fashion in which it took place.

Saints players, coaches and fans should all be quaking in their boots after taking little more than a glance at the games won by the “Vaunted Seattle Seahawks.” LOL. Seriously. Look at the teams they’ve beaten and consider the fashion in which it took place.

Only 8 more days till game day. Who Dat, y’all? Sure as a big dildo will go unclaimed rolling around the baggage claim, it ain’t going to be them hippy-lovin’ Seahawks and their fans who are always too stoned on that reefer to even notice that their team isn’t really that great. (See, another reason drugs are bad. They make even fans with a decent knowledge of the game turn into defensive haters who can’t do much more than say, “I know you are but what am I?”)






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  • JessieAnderson

    Lolol that was funny as hell! I see one thing… A beast quake of epic proportions that gobbles up the Saints. The End. Oh, by the way, Seattle is trying for noise record again. Enjoy CLink.

  • billgerat

    Definitely somebody is smoking dope here.

  • skeletony

    Since Walter Thurmond got busted for smoking pot, you guys may be able to pull off the close win if things goes very well for you. Seattle still has the best depth of every team in the NFL, especially at cornerback, though.
    However I want to discuss the tone and immaturity you display in your article Mark. You see it has become a fashionable troll for opposing teams to come to Seattle forums and accuse US of being “The worst fans in the NFL.” or some such. Half of why we are so hated by them is because we are so laid back, drinking our coffee and discussing current events like book club members or something.

    But I come to forums such as yours here and read this kind of childish, hate-filled vitriol and disrespect and suddenly I feel foolish. Why? Because I just got done DEFENDING Saints fans at another forum as being ‘classy’…great fans from a great city. Then I come here and read the above, uninformed, poorly thought out, asinine garbage.

    Stay classy New Orleans.

    • Javier Ricardo Vázquez

      You have typos yourself, big guy.

      Stay still while I pull the stick out your ass.



      • skeletony

        Even if this were true (it is not), it would be irrelevant since I did not write an article calling other people stupid or drug-addled while typing out poorly constructed sentences (which are not typos kiddo) and grammatical errors which were too numerous and consistent to be dismissed as mere typos. I am glad he found someone to fix them though.

  • Seahawk92

    It’s gonna be a great game! For Richard Sherman… lol… no, just kidding, I think it’s gonna be a hard fought battle… with a 35-17 ending, Seahawks win. :-D

    Good luck, Saints, just one number for you, the one that’s gonna get you beat at the Clink…. 137.5

    • Micah

      I can’t wait to smack that smile off Sherman’s face and do the nation a favor

      • Seahawk92

        You have to have a reciever capable of it first

  • Al Martin

    Saints will win if its above 50 degrees at kickoff

  • HAWK121212

    Hippy loving seachickens??? hahaha. How about you stop drinking starbucks, stop shopping on Amazon, never fly in a boeing aircraft, stop using windows, forget about booking through expedia, and don’t even think about shopping at Nordstom. ignorance… gotta love it.
    As for the game, it will definilty be a nail biter, but the Seahawks simply don’t lose at home. GO HAWKS.

  • JessieAnderson

    One thing I gotta say… which I’m sure will resonate well… Hol’ Mu Dick!

  • CarbonRiver

    LOL, of all the teams that would rip Wilson for his size I didn’t see it coming from the team with the Man Giant known as Drew Breeze as their QB.

    • Micah

      Dude Wilson is like 21. He ain’t near Brees’ level. He’s prob a little
      Shorter too. Either way he doesn’t know how to use his size like Breesus

      • skeletony

        You should work on the reading comprehension. CarbonRiver was making the point that a Saints fan was ripping Wilson because of his stature while Brees himself was regarded by many as too short to play effectively until he proved them wrong. It’s called hypocrisy.

        Whether you or I or anyone else thinks Wilson is as good or will ever be as good or better than Brees is irrelevant.

  • tvg3323

    The guy who wrote this crap about the seahawks is an idiot!! The game will be close but the Hawks will come out on top for sure!!

  • Micah

    Great stuff Mark…so true. Brees>Wilson Peyton>Carroll . Shehawk fans shut up. U don’t have a ring this century. We do. We r elite. U aren’t.

    • skeletony

      You can claim “elite” status when you learn to write legibly. This isn’t Facebook or Twitter kiddo. No excuse for the above crap you spewed.

      I just love you guys’ revisionist ideas though. We all know how silent Saints fans were until the 2007 Super Bowl was over right? Never cheering for their team or talking smack with other teams’ fans…(/sarcasm).

  • Javier Ricardo Vázquez

    It’ll be a good game. I think we have one more weapon than they can cover, and hopefully Brees will consistently find that person. Noise plays a role, but not enough. Saints 23, Seahawks 20. Hartley seals it late.

    Good luck, Seattle. Either way, it should be fun to watch.