Oct 28, 2012; Denver, CO, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) passes in the first quarter against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field. Mandatory Credit: Byron Hetzler-US PRESSWIRE

New Orleans Saints Drew Brees keeps streak alive; moves up another record

In the dismal 34-14 loss to the Denver Broncos last night, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees provided a few more notches to his future Hall of Fame status that might be a silver lining to some.

Brees kept his consecutive passing touchdown streak going last night as he threw his 50th one on a 29 yard pass to running back Darren Sproles at the very beginning of the second quarter.

On the same pass he tied former Broncos quarterback John Elway with career passing touchdowns at 300.  Later in the fourth quarter Brees would surpass it to sit sixth on the list in NFL history with 301 after an 18 yard touchdown pass to tight end Jimmy Graham.

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  • Larry James

    I’m wondering if Drew Brees cared about winning the game, are just wanting to keep his record breaking notches in line. Maybe some of the Saints players not into this record breaking mess. They miss to many passes that were catchable, I think Drew Brees is taking the enjoyment away from the players. I love Drew Brees but after watching last night game, I believe he is turning into a show he’s more in self than he is the team. I have to give it to Peyton Manning he talks to his offensive line when they not on the field. Drew Brees don’t do that you need to communicate with your offensive line if you are the group leader. Not enough running game talking about not up to standards, why not it the same players just stop playing them. New Orleans Saints step away from Sean Payton game plans knocked 85% of the running game out that’s not good. And I believe those Saints receivers knows what’re happening in the game, the whole offensive team changed. No Sean Payton, no team watch the difference next year.

    • deleeryus

      Wow…really?!? C’mon man!!!!! If you are a TRUE Saints fan…you have to know that Brees isn’t all about records…and he HATES to lose! He’s way too competitive for that.

      Yes…they did miss too many catches last night but that was on Brees AND the players. Every Qb in the league has had an off night & it so happened that last night was just that for Brees. An off night.

      I could comment on several things you said but will just say that I totally disagree w/ everything you said…sans one! It will different next year when we get the Coach back!!!!!

      • Larry James

        Don’t get me wrong the Saints are my team, I’m saying that Drew Brees was playing like he did against Tampa Bay. It’s not a bad night something not complete the defense always been bad. Something is missing I think its they running game Joe Vitt said himself that offense were not hitting. You right next year they will be alright

        • deleeryus

          Disagree again…partially! Brees was not on his game. Agree…the defense has always been bad. It’s going to take Spags awhile to get it going! People expect miracles…and that one isn’t going to happen. He needs time. We got him because the defense also sucked under Williams.

          They could use more of a running game but Brees has kept it close. No losses over 8 pts. thanks to his receivers mostly & not the running game…until last nights game.

          There you go!! Vitt said the offense wasn’t hitting…INCLUDING the qb! Granted they aren’t protecting Brees like they used to…but we’d have WAY more games w/ this much deficit if Brees weren’t on his game! When you get hit in the numbers by the ball…when you drop easy passes…the offense isn’t hitting. When the qb has stats like Brees did last night & overthrew & dropped the ball (literally!) like he did…so uncharacteristically of him…he’s not on his game. Period.

          So yeah…they do need more of a run game & we need a total overhaul on defense…by whatever means necessary!

    • Walt Brock

      Gimme a break Larry!!! And you call yourself a Saints fan?? You obviously know nothing about our quarterback or receivers!! Drew does not need to be a cheerleader for his line. Did you have a problem with him studying defenses between series when we were winning the Super Bowl?? Go cheer for another team if you think so lowly of our players. We don’t need bandwagon fans!!

  • Pual

    Brees making it into a show he’s tryin to win games defense can’t stop anything make a trade get a decent 2nd corner and his wr drop everything ur comment is dumb