What if Wednesday: What if the Saints drafted Lawrence Taylor number one in 1981?

Lawerence Taylor, New York Giants
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Leading into the 1990 season, Bobby Hebert still holds out at the start of training camp. However, he isn't AS set in his ways due to the increased talent around him, plus, with the Saints consistently knocking on the door, and already getting to the Super Bowl, then-General Manager Jim Finks would have been more inclined to work with him. The point is, things would have worked out.

As such, "The Cajun Cannon" doesn't sit out the 1990 season, and the Saints make it all the way to Super Bowl XXV, where they meet the Buffalo Bills.

What happens you ask?

Well, with Taylor and the rest of the Dome Patrol on defense, not to mention a strong running game coupled with some outside talent for Hebert to work with, the Saints are able to shorten the game and slow the powerful Bills' offense, and capture their first Super Bowl championship in franchise history, when Bills kicker Scott Norwood's kick sails wide LEFT (why not?).

As for the rest of the decade, the Saints are able to ride this momentum into births to the NFC Championship, but they unfortunately fall to Washington's 1991 ballclub (one of the more underrated in NFL history) and the 1992 Dallas Cowboys that kick starts their dynasty.

So in summary, had the New Orleans Saints drafted Lawrence Taylor over George Rogers, they essentially switch places with the New York Giants, but only come away with one Super Bowl title. Still, they are contenders throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, and are able to boast that arguably the greatest defensive player of all time played for them. That's not even getting into the butterfly effect it would cause for the rest of the league. It just goes to show how fragile fate in the NFL really can be. Let us know which other franchise "what if" scenario we should explore next week.

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