What if Wednesday: What if the Saints drafted Lawrence Taylor number one in 1981?

Lawerence Taylor, New York Giants
Lawerence Taylor, New York Giants / George Gojkovich/GettyImages
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Rod Bernstine, Denver Broncos, Mark Carrier, Chicago Bears / BRIAN BAHR/GettyImages

For starters, Taylor would not have enjoyed his MVP season in 1986, (that would go to Los Angeles Rams running back Eric Dickerson in this alternate reality) which ultimately culminated in a victory over John Elway and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXII. Had Taylor been with the Saints and not the Giants, there is no parade in the Big Apple. Instead, the Chicago Bears, whose defense was statistically better in 1986 than in their legendary 1985 Super Bowl season, are the ones to defeat the Broncos, and win back to back Super Bowls. With records of 15-1 and 14-2 in those years, they are vaulted into even rarer air than already before.

It would also mean that the mantle of Bill Parcells remains empty, as without LT, his Super Bowl titles in 1986 and 1990 are as good as gone. If you want to go even further in-depth, that more likely than not also means that his defensive coordinator, a fella by the name of Bill Belichick, probably doesn't get head coaching opportunities.

That's an entire other can of worms though. Now let's see how things would have been different for the Saints.