AI compared these 3 Saints to NBA players

What does Artificial Intelligence have to say about these key New Orleans Saints stars?
Saints, Tyrann Mathieu
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Tyrann Mathieu is Patrick Beverley

After nine years in the NFL, Tyrann Mathieu finally had the chance to come home and play for his Saints. When we asked AI what NBA player the "Honey Badger" would compare to, it was quick to answer with point guard Patrick Beverley.

"Beverley, a guard known for his defensive intensity, plays with a similar level of tenacity and aggressiveness on the basketball court. Beverley is recognized for his defensive skills, often hounding opponents, diving for loose balls, and displaying exceptional effort. His defensive prowess and ability to disrupt opposing offenses align with Mathieu's defensive impact in football.

"Both Mathieu and Beverley bring a strong defensive presence to their respective sports and are respected for their ability to disrupt their opponents' game plans. Their relentless style of play and ability to make timely defensive plays are qualities that contribute to their teams' success."

The comparison makes sense, as Mathieu is obviously a defensive player and Beverley is most known for his aggression on that side of the court. One thing Beverley differs in, though, is his ability to get in the heads of his opponents. Mathieu isn't as much of a trash talker like Beverley is, but their impact in their respective sports is definitely similar.

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