Ranking every 1,000 yard rushing season in Saints history

Ricky Williams, New Orleans Saints
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#1 Saints 1,000 yard rushing season: Deuce McAllister - 2003

Why Deuce himself in 2003 of course.

Here it is, the greatest season by a Saints running back, certainly among the 1,000 yard campaigns at the very least.

In 2003, McAllister carried the ball 351 times (the second-most ever by a Saints back) and ran for eight touchdowns to go along with his 1,641 yards. While yes, it is second behind Rogers in 1981, it's only by 33 yards. To go along with that, McAllister would fumble six times that season, but averaged 4.7 yards per carry, and 102.6 yards per game. Simply put, Deuce was loose.

McAllister would receive a vote for Offensive Player of the Year, which is pretty remarkable considering the seasons other backs like Jamal Lewis and Priest Holmes had that year. While his 102.6 per-game average is second behind Rogers's 104.6 and his 76 yard run is tied for the the second-longest ever for the Saints behind the 79 yarder Rogers broke in 1981, we absolutely wouldn't fight anyone who would say Rogers 1981 was still better than that of McAllister in 2003.

Still, we feel the need to split hairs here, and we're sticking to this ranking. Those are the 13 1,000-yard rushing seasons the New Orleans Saints have had ranked in order, and here's to hoping we see the fourteenth in 2023, and finding out where it would sit on this list.