Ranking every 1,000 yard rushing season in Saints history

Ricky Williams, New Orleans Saints
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#3 Saints 1,000 yard rushing season: Deuce McAllister - 2002

The top five are all strong, and all Pro Bowl-caliber, but the top three is where we get into the pantheon.

McAllister's 2002 season, his second in the league, resulted in his first career Pro Bowl selection, as well with him being named to his first Pro Bowl. It was the breakout season of a career that was arguably one of the most underrated for a running back throughout the 2000s.

McAllister would play in 15 of the 16 games for the Saints that season, racking up 1,388 yards on the ground to go along with his 13 rushing touchdowns. He carried the ball 325 times that season, and it only one of four Saints players ever to break the 300-carry mark in a season.

We mentioned earlier that Dalton Hilliard's 13 rushing touchdowns in 1989 were tied for the third-most in the history of the Saints for a season. Hilliard was the second back to get to 13, and McAllister was the third. Alvin Kamara has since eclipsed that number twice, but somehow has never rushed for 1,000 yards, so we won't be seeing those seasons here.

As for the first Saints running back to rush for 13 touchdowns in a season?