Ranking every 1,000 yard rushing season in Saints history

Ricky Williams, New Orleans Saints
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#10 Saints 1,000 yard rushing season: George Rogers - 1983

Speaking of seasons with limited games, that brings us to George Rogers in 1983. The former number-one overall pick rushed for 1,144 yards and five touchdowns, doing so in only 13 games that season.

Now, one would think that this fact alone should be enough to vault the former Heisman Trophy winner higher on our list, but there is another running back, with another notable Draft Day story in his own right, that out-does him in this regard.

#9 Saints 1,000 yard rushing season: Ricky Williams - 2000

In 2000, Ricky Williams finally gave the Saints a 1,000 yard season. It's almost like he owed them, considering Mike Ditka decided to trade the entire 1999 Draft, and some change, in order to draft him.

In a fashion that is almost typical to THIS former Hesiman Trophy winner's personality, Williams rushed for 1,000 yards on the dot, and scored eight times for the Cinderella Saints of 2000. It's the lowest yardage amount on this list, obviously, but considering Williams accomplished this in only ten games, it's easily justifiable to have him ranked this high. Oh, what could have been.

#8 Saints 1,000 yard rushing season: Chuck Muncie - 1979

Chuck Munice (pictured above), goggles and all, had the misfortune of playing for the Saints during arguably the darkest period in the history of the franchise. That's what makes his 1979 season all the more impressive though.

Granted, there were signs of life in 1979 when the Saints finished 8-8 after going 7-9 in 1978. That all fell of a cliff during their 1-15 1980 season though. Regardless, Muncie being named a Pro Bowler thanks to rushing for 1,198 yards and 11 touchdowns for a wildly mediocre team is certainly worthy of flowers.

#7 Saints 1,000 yard rushing season: Ricky Williams - 2001

The second appearance of Mr. Williams, he followed up his impressive, but short, 2000 season with a full 16-game 2001 season.

In doing so, Williams rushed for 1,245 yards and six touchdowns, and while the Saints may not have enjoyed as much success as a team in 2001 and they did in 2000, it doesn't take away from the fantastic season Williams had on the ground.

#6 Saints 1,000 yard rushing season: Mark Ingram II - 2017

What makes the most recent 1,000 yard rushing season for the New Orleans Saints so impressive, is the fact that Ingram, who was selected to the Pro Bowl, was essentially splitting carries with then-rookie Alvin Kamara.

Despite that, Ingram was able 1,124 yards and a whopping 12 touchdowns. While Ingram got a lot of the goal line work that may cause some detractors to come out of the woodwork, Kamara scored eight in his own right that season. Ingram and the Saints were awesome in 2017, and it's yet another reason that the season ended in a Miracle, one not peformed by a Saint. Go figure.

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