One potential concern about Saints roster moving forward

Jun 13, 2023; New Orleans, LA, USA;  General view of the practice fields for the New Orleans Saints
Jun 13, 2023; New Orleans, LA, USA; General view of the practice fields for the New Orleans Saints / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints have a solid roster. Going forward, there is one aspect of it the Saints should keep in the back of their minds that COULD be concerning.

The roster of the New Orleans Saints is a solid one, filled with veterans. Possibly the most notable being new quarterback Derek Carr. Given that, coupled with the perceived weak NFC South and it being a down year for the NFC, and hopes are high for the Saints in 2023.

That said, there is something that the Saints need to look into with their roster moving forward past 2023.

As mentioned, the Saints locker room is filled of veteran leaders, and seasoned ballplayers, and it's something the Saints have always been familiar with, but that bring us to our main point. put out their All-Offensive and All-Defensive lineups of players under the age of 25, and no Saints players made the cut. That could potentially be problematic, but fortuatnely it could be an easy fix.

The Saints have never been a franchise to tear it down and rebuild, and this isn't suggesting they should. However, they should look to aim to have their starting lineups go younger. They do have pieces in place in this regard though like Chris Olave. We also don't know what a full season of Trevor Penning looks like, and the team is reportedly already high on Bryan Bresee.

Still, there is work that should be done, and there is time to do it. The rest of the teams in the NFC South are filling up on spring chickens, and the Saints should look to do the same. While that is more of a long-term vision, the term isn't terribly stretched. The New Orleans Saints should be in good shape in 2023 and perhaps a couple years after. At some point though, eyes need to look beyond.

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