Saints training camp: Taysom Hill back at quarterback

Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints
Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The Swiss army knife of the New Orleans Saints found himself at the quarterback position, and it'll be interesting to see what else the Saints have in store.

While technically listed as a tight end on the New Orleans Saints roster, Taysom Hill has become a jack of all trades. It started with Sean Payton, and is continuing with the Dennis Allen Saints regime. With training camp (finally) underway, Hill is back to work, but not as a tight end.

Hill was working out with the quarterbacks on Friday, and was reportedly splitting the third-team reps with rookie fourth-round pick Jake Haener out of Fresno State. Given the fact that the team spent draft capital on Haener, and cash capital on bringing back Jameis Winston as a backup to the OTHER cash cow Derek Carr, this is certainly an interesting development.

Obviously, training camp is still very young, and the 2023 NFL season is still over 40 days away. Still, teams don't see it that way, and tend to look at this as the home stretch. There is no time to waste. With that said, if the Saints want to keep Hill's quarterback arrows fresh in his quiver, then it certainly isn't for no reason.

Whatever happens with Taysom Hill is certainly worth monitoring, if for nothing else then the price tag attached for the New Orleans Saints to keep him around. It also isn't like his deal is expiring any time soon either. Even though he has to technically be listed as a position for the sake of rosters, it's always been pretty much universally understood that he is just "a football player". Still, him working out strictly at quarterback, and not even for gadget plays, like, ACTUAL plays, is certainly something for us, and all fans, to monitor as the season gets closer and closer.

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