What If Wednesday: What if the Saints traded Bobby Hebert to the Raiders in 1990?

Bobby Hebert, New Orleans Saints
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The Cinderella Saints of 2000 we know and love from our universe is no more in this alternate universe. Why? Well, because the Saints are a force by 2000, and are able to cruise to Super Bowl XxXV where they have a date with the Baltimore Ravens, in a game that turns into a classic. After all, Favre is unlike any quarterback that Ravens defense faced all 2000, save for Steve McNair.

Unfortunately, defense wins championships, and that was still especially true in the early 2000s, and the Saints come up short. Where things get dicey though is what happens later on in the decade.

It's very hard to project what happens down the road with Drew Brees. There's legitimate reason to believe that if Favre was in New Orleans, there's no reason for Brees to sign, or the Saints to have interest by 2006. What we do know though, given how he played in the real 2009, is that Favre would finally get his ring he's so desperately coveted in his Saints career, in 2009.

So in summary, the New Orleans Saints first Super Bowl in franchise history still comes in 2009, and that's with a whole career of Brett Favre, and all of this could have happened in another universe, if Jim Finks just gave in and traded Bobby Hebert in 1990. It's crazy how much those butterflies can really effect.