What If Wednesday: What if the Saints traded Bobby Hebert to the Raiders in 1990?

Bobby Hebert, New Orleans Saints
Bobby Hebert, New Orleans Saints / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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Marcus Allen, Los Angeles Raiders / Mike Powell/GettyImages

Instead of being dealt to the Kansas City Chiefs, Allen ends his legendary career with the Saints. With the quarterback situation still in flux, the Saints don't feel as compelled to trade the kitchen sink for Steve Walsh, since Hebert is now gone in this alternate universe, and not around for Finks to stick it to.

On the strength of Allen and a strong defense, the Saints still have a wildly mediocre 1990 season, that ends up about the same. Remember, this was when the Dome Patrol linebacker corp was still at the peak of their powers, so even with John Fourcade under center, the season isn't a total disaster.

However, it's clear an upgrade at the quarterback position is needed. Even Finks was privy to that, and head coach Jim Mora would be inclined to agree.

So that offseason during the 1991 NFL Draft, the Saints take a chance on a quarterback from nearby Southern Mississippi who was free falling in that year's draft. Who is that quarterback you might be asking? Well, he's been in the news lately for reasons not exactly pertaining to football, but that's a can of worms not worth opening here. The quarterback the Saints draft in the back half of the first round in 1991 is...