What If Wednesday: What if the Saints traded Bobby Hebert to the Raiders in 1990?

Bobby Hebert, New Orleans Saints
Bobby Hebert, New Orleans Saints / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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One of the biggest decisions in New Orleans Saints history was not trade a disgruntled quarterback. Here's how the Saints fortunes could have been different.

Before Drew Brees, a case could easily be made that the next-best quarterback the New Orleans Saints ever had was Bobby Hebert, depending upon your feelings on Archie Manning's winning percentage of course. Be that as it may, his decision to hold out from the Saints in 1990 after a collapse in 1989, for more money, and the decision of then-General Manager Jim Finks to not trade him, was one that changed the fortunes of the franchise.

If various accounts or to be believed, there was a market for Hebert, and the then-Los Angeles Raiders were willing to give the Saints (also disgruntled) future Hall of Fame running back Marcus Allen, plus a second-round pick, to the Saints for Hebert. The old school Finks turned it down.

What if Finks wasn't as set in his ways though? What if he instead decided to pull the trigger and brought Allen, who still had a few years left in the tank, to the Big Easy? That's what we're going to explore during this week's "What if Wednesday"