New Saints tight end receives incredible news

Foster Moreau, Las Vegas Raiders
Foster Moreau, Las Vegas Raiders / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The newest tight end for the New Orleans Saints received incredible news, not even related to the Saints or the game of football in general.

The newest tight end on the offense of the New Orleans Saints took to Twitter Monday to announce some delightful news that anyone can get behind, whether or not you're a Saints fan, or football fan.

It's news that any human can root and cheer for.

If you recall, way back in March, the former LSU Tiger Foster Moreau brought into the Big Easy for a free agent visit with the hopes of potentially playing for his hometown Saints. It was at that visit that Saints physician Dr. John Amoss noticed an enlarged lymph node in Moreau's left clavicle.

This visit both changed, and saved, the tight end's life, as it lead to him being diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, with his career being put on hold, potentially permanently.

Fortunately for Moreau, it was determined he had a rare form of the disease known as nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma, or NLPHL, a form that is very treatable.

Fast forward a few months, and the Saints were able to sign Moreau to a contract after it was confirmed he would be able to play football again, while being reunited with his former quarterback with the Las Vegas Raiders in Derek Carr, and ultimately getting to the full remission stage. In terms of football, he should provide an extra body for a tight end room that is all of a sudden looking very deep, and very solid.

The story of Foster Moreau and the New Orleans Saints is both an inspiring and incredible one, and no doubt he will become a player that any fan, and any person, should be able to root for, regardless of what team you root for.