Saints reported plans for Alontae Taylor show their faith in him

Alontae Taylor, New Orleans Saints
Alontae Taylor, New Orleans Saints / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints reportedly have a plan for one of their young cornerbacks, and it shows that the Saints have a lot of faith in the up-and-comer.

It's been reported that the New Orleans Saints have something of a position battle on their hands for their starting outside cornerback opposite Marshon Lattimore. It's also being reported that the Saints have a plan in place for one of those corners, which should speak volumes.

Even though Alontae Taylor is expected to compete for the starting outside corner job, that doesn't mean that's all the coaching staff of the Saints have in mind for the youngster. Reportedly, the Saints want to feature Taylor in the slot more, and that should be a testament to how much they value Taylor as a player.

In today's pass-happy NFL, you need more than two solid cornerbacks. The slot corner has essentially become a starting role, with teams using a nickel set (two linebackers and three cornerbacks) as their base. Taking it a step further, often times NFL offenses will line up their best wide receiver, or pass catcher in general in some cases, in the slot.

As such, the fact that the Saints feel not only comfortable, but almost in an ideal spot that Taylor spends more time in the slot, and he has the versatility to do so, shows what they think of him. They trust him to take on a big responsibility within the defense.

We have a lot of time until training camp officially begins, and an even longer time until the 2023 NFL season actually kicks off. A lot can change for the New Orleans Saints between now and then. Still, with the defense expected to be a strength, and an improved one, this news pertaining to Alontae Taylor is certainly another reason to be excited for what this season can bring.

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