Ranking the Top 5 Saints quarterbacks of all time

We know who takes no. 1, but who else makes the cut?

New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees
New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees / Chris Graythen/GettyImages
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Since they were founded in 1967, the New Orleans Saints have had some good quarterbacks come through. Of course, we all know there is one that sits above the rest.

But, looking back, were there any others who were truly worth mentioning other than the GOAT? Truthfully, there are just a handful. If you were to look at the Saints' all-time passing list, there is a significant drop-off after the top two or three. Maybe, Derek Carr can stick around and make his way up the list.

Let's count down the top five quarterbacks in Saints history, beginning with a former Purdue Boilermaker.

5. Jim Everett

This is list is actually going to go right in order with the Saints' all-time passing leaders, but there is no other way to spin the top five; it just makes sense. So, let's kick it off with Jim Everett, who played for the Saints from 1994 to 1996.

Those three years saw Everett end up throwing for 10,622 yards, 60 touchdowns and 48 interceptions. Everett's career, as a whole, ended with just a single Pro Bowl and it did not come in New Orleans. He was, by no means, a top quarterback in the league when he was with the Saints. But, he was the best they had at the time.

Everett's best season as a Saint came in 1995 when he threw for 3,970 yards, 26 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Despite seeing some decent individual success during his time with New Orleans, Everett ended his Saints stint with a record of just 17-30 overall.