3 nightmare scenarios for Saints and how to avoid them

  • A suspension incoming?
  • Same old, same old WR issue?
  • Will the division prove to be tougher than expected?
New Orleans Saints, Alvin Kamara
New Orleans Saints, Alvin Kamara / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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3. The NFC South is actually a dog fight

This division is actually one that might be the toughest one to predict going into the season. The NFC South is anyone's for the taking, and I would assume most would pick New Orleans to come away with it. But, that doesn't mean it will be easy.

The winner of this division could certainly end up with just nine or 10 wins, if not less. Much of the success of the Saints will be on the shoulders of Derek Carr, so if he performs up to his ability, then this team should have no problem winning the crown.

But, to avoid the nightmare that might ensue with the division being much tougher than anticipated, New Orleans needs to do one thing and one thing only: win the divisional matchups, period. Last year, the Saints went just 2-4 in the division and ended the year 7-10.

The Panthers have a rookie quarterback. Atlanta has a second-year quarterback they are unsure is the future of the franchise. Tampa Bay might have something in Baker Mayfield trying to resurrect his career.

The point is, these Saints are the only team in the division that should have a sure thing at the sport's most important position. If they can win their divisional games, then they'll avoid having a tight divisional race.

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