Five Saints receive top-five Madden ratings at their position

Demario Davis, New Orleans Saints
Demario Davis, New Orleans Saints / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The Madden 24 ratings are out, and the New Orleans Saints have five top-five players at their position. They don't think THAT highly of the Saints though.

At long last, the complete player ratings for Madden 24 have been released, which means we finally have our final talking point before every training camp commences. The New Orleans Saints, have five top-five players at their respective positions according to the game, but there is a little more than meets the eye here as it pertains to the Saints.

The players on the Saints roster that the game has deemed worthy of being called top-five are cornerback Marshon Lattimore (overall 91), safety Tyrann Mathieu (overall 91), punter Blake Gillikin (overall 78), linebacker Demario Davis (overall 90), and right tackle Ryan Ramczyk (overall 89).

Here's the thing though. Lattimore, Davis, and the Honey Badger are the only three Saints that received ratings over the premier 90 overall threshold. As such, the team's overall rating is an 83, which granted is higher than the 79 and 77 given to the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons respectively. However, it isn't higher than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their team rating? 93.


Yes, you read that correctly. So yeah, that's where we're at. The Saints, who have far and away the most stable quarterback situation in the division, are secured as the silver medalist.

For what it's worth, the Saints did get a bit of a bone from the game, as the 85 player rating for Jamaal Williams makes him the highest rated "RB2" in the entire game. Of course, time will tell if that's his role forever in 2023. That's a discussion for another day though.

All and all, this doesn't mean much of anything, especially when player ratings get updated throughout the season. Still, if these are any indication, then the New Orleans Saints may just be a sleeping giant, and they are close to waking up.