ESPN does not think highly of Saints future in recent ranking

Dennis Allen, New Orleans Saints
Dennis Allen, New Orleans Saints / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN released a power ranking of NFL teams' futures, and isn't looking bright for the New Orleans Saints in their eyes. Here's our thoughts on the Saints spot.

July is past the halfway point, which means fans are ramping up anticipation for the 2023 NFL regular season. The fact that the New Orleans Saints were one of the first teams to have their rookies report for training camp is just the cherry on top. Excitement for what's to come in the present season is at a fever pitch, but when it comes to the future seasons of the Saints, the same can't quite be said, according to ESPN at least.

Power ranking season is in full swing, and ESPN thought they get craft with it, and instead of power ranking every team according to how they're set up for 2023, rank them with how they are set up for the seasons to come beyond. Let's just say the Saints didn't exactly pass with flying colors.

The network has the Saints ranked 25th in the entire NFL, as they don't seem too favorable on Dennis Allen and his staff, the front office of Mickey Loomis oddly enough, and a question mark surrounding Derek Carr's new home in the Big Easy.

For those keeping score at home, The Atlanta Falcons are ranked one spot higher at 24th, the Carolina Panthers top the division at 20th, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at the caboose of the NFC South, and nearly the entire league, at 31st.

It's no secret that the Saints have a more veteran roster, which is a concern that we've brought up relatively recently for whatever that is worth, but it isn't like they are devoid of young talent. It's especially true at the skill positions with Chris Olave being the headliner.

The other factor here is, the front office, that ESPN is apparently down on, has been building from the inside out in recent years, going trenches-heavy in drafts, which is the consistent recipe for success in both the present, and future. It's also been the way of the world for decades prior to this.

The fact of the matter is, this really doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. However, the New Orleans Saints are not as screwed long-term as people might think, but if this bulletin board material is enough to wake a sleeping giant in the short-term? Then so be it.

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