Alvin Kamara pleads no contest to misdemeanor, could now face suspension

Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints
Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints star running back has plead no contest to a lesser misdemeanor charge, and his future with the Saints may now start to become clearer.

When everything hit the fan with Alvin Kamara, naturally the fan in everyone had their minds go to right to his football future with the New Orleans Saints. With this news, we still don't know anything as it pertains to the Saints and football in general, but we may start to soon.

Obviously, this is a bad situation all-around. Kamara had a part to play in a Las Vegas fight that led to a victim to be beyond battered and bruised, and the running back was arraigned and arrested as a result.

With this plea, Kamara has no essentially opened himself up for the league to start their discipline process. So what does this mean for Kamara in 2023 with the Saints? Well, one way or another there was almost assuredly a suspension coming his way. Now that this is over with (for now), we can start to monitor that process.

When it originally all went down, given the nature of the crime coupled with his position on the field as a running back and length of tenure with the Saints, there was reasonable speculation on how borrowed is time in the Bayou would now be, if not coming to a close altogether.

Make no mistake, everything surrounding Alvin Kamara, and his status with the New Orleans Saints, is still floating in murky waters. However, with this new plea, we may at the very least see the process of discipline from the league start to move along, so we have a little clearer of a picture on this season moving forward.